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  1. I would request that I be sent to fight ISIS. I didn't sign up for this so I could vacation in the state of Washington.. That's just me though... Maybe if I was super into snowboarding or something I would request somewhere like Yakima..
  2. she's a troll.... don't mind her... she just uses a lot of potty mouth humor and says a lot of racist stuff all the time. if you talk to her, thats what you can expect to hear in the future.. goodluck butters!
  3. Lindsey... didn't i tell you to get off of this forum?? you're done here.. It's time to move onto bigger and better things. Things that aren't internet related. G'bye!!!
  4. you picked the wrong branch.. if you're dying for fixed, my advice would be to choose chinooks at selection.. Then you can get picked up by delta when you're time is up at least.
  5. Every pilot is going to have a second job/responsibility outside of flying... for every military aviator.. And I see what you are getting at by asking if it would include warrant officers as well, but the answer is yes. they will have other jobs/responsibilities// At least that is my understanding..
  6. This is a real good post.. Throughout this process, I would sometime think that the Army was TRYING to weed people out by SEEMING to be incompetent.. You really have to just be patient and persistent just like this person was and not give up. **Don't give up Tavish, just keep at it.
  7. I've got a message for both of you, okay?? . Get off the internet, and go do something social... no more Vr forums for either of you for the rest of the tonight. Goodnight
  8. My recruiter told me that my packet was the best that he had seen in seven years of recruiting.. I was in a pretty good mood that day. -Oh man! Ill be honest I've never been called a "career fridge person." You sure do know how to make someone feel defeated. Oh and btw I've got private pilots license, for single-engine fixed-wing aircraft. And every girl I've told that too, at least pretended to be interested in it.. I hope you will make another attempt at insulting me or whatever it was that you were trying to do. I know you can do better!!
  9. Hey dickhead... You're not worth my time. But you should leave him out of this.. Be nice to him, wtf is wrong with you?? **************^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This thread could be very useful to a lot of people... I am finished talking in here. Im going to get back to my Interests.
  10. Nevermind... This wasn't easy to find though. I don't want help from any of you anyways. You really did show maturity by ignoring the question though.. for real. real mature.. g'bye.
  11. Come on, what is the answer?? What is the uniform/dress code for WOFT selecteee while they are at fort Rutger Alabama, on a normal day. All you guys like to talk about maturity.. Lets see some.
  12. Alright, answer this question... When you arrive at rutger, what's the uniform situation?? Do you get to wear one of the Army uniforms that they wear at my recruiting office?? I hope at some point they will tell me I have to wear that... And if so , I'm wearing the digital camo like a bad ass.. The new ones aren't nearly as cool looking. But maybe pilots don't ever get that?? I'd appreciate a direct answer without getting spammed with hate-mail this time.
  13. You fags just say that about anyone who You fags just say that about anyone you want to try to discredit... I coulda called you shindig! except you'd be Gay-rights-Promtoer-Shindig... Have some of that! I win...
  14. Omg... He is in the AIR FORCE!! He goes to work at an AIR BASE every single day.. He obviously knows what he is talking about.. Get a clue man..... If anyone doesn't have a shot it's you.
  15. Ummmm... actually... I'm probably the only person on this website that doesn't support that piece of sh*t.. Have you ever been to a socialist country ?? I have! And let me tell you... Paris is over-f*cking-rated and expensive as sh*t.. think about that BEFORE you vote to put a socialist in charge. And I'm not sensitive! So don't say that!
  16. Apparently you don't know much... But several bases in the northeast are devoted solely search and rescue/officer transportation. And yes... they use an ah64 to do so... they might not be attached with sidewinders but they still have the machine gun attached... And I almost feel bad because I don't want to be mean, but I'm going to do you a favor... And tell you to not make analogies using "game of homos" like you just did, ever again.. People will assume you have are ten, and without friends.. And if you DID want to be like the John snow character, than you probably legit ARE A HOMO!! There is nothing wrong with wanting this job with the sole intention of wanting to get tons of chicks. My cousins told me that half the pilots in his air force base in Guam did the exact saMe f*cking thing! So why don't you take it up with them??
  17. lol.. f*ck off.. you guys are such pussies on this website.. i swear to god.. Alright though... you win.... I won't get excited about the prospect of flying helicopters for the army. That WOULD be f*cking lame. And I bet that girls at bars would turn down anyone who mentioned anything about being a military aviator... that sh*t is f*cking GAY!!!! Spokesman for old spice??? more like, on the board of directors for the gay pride parade... Thatd be great for you.. if youre not already doing it, thanks.
  18. This process has been one big , complete "Jerk-around" for past 18 months now. Just completely outrageous sh*t over and over again... But that being said, I am super f*cking excited about the boards coming up in July.
  19. I am not worried. More applicants will only make our packets look that much better.. All I am thinking about is the insane amount of tail that I am going to be pulling once my job is to fly around a f*cking ah-64 for the U.S. Army..
  20. blackops3 is lame as sh*t. I think ill go get Battlefield right now.
  21. Alright message box!! I figured it out!!! A cool ah-64 video that i enjoy.
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