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  1. Legendary.. Just the perfect amount of "trolling." So subtle every time.
  2. Much better.. Thank you, Sir. Lol. So clearly I came across as an a-hole to a lot of you. In the future I'll think more about how I am coming across when writing messages in forrums. I suppose I wasn't satisfied with the wikipedia link, and I should have responded in a better way. I appreciate this website very much, and all who are a part of it, and I apologize for coming across as a dick. It was not my intention, and I'm actually a super nice guy! @ Charyou, I do apologize. Go Army
  3. So, I'll just go ahead and wrap up this entire thread for everyone. And if you aren't quite satisfied with that, you better watch out, because THIS guy will have a serious beef with you! And I just want to let you know CharyouTree, that if the list on wikipedia seems to be "pretty accurate" to YOUR knowledge, well than thats good enough for me!! "Pretty accurate to my knowledge." Thank you for your contribution.
  4. I blew that ASVAB out of the water. I prepared heavily for that SIFT test but the way it is designed makes it very, very difficult. Study really hard.
  5. Right, because the word "doubt" here, means that I know exactly what I'm talking about. Maybe I should try to find a military aviation forrum, and ask questions about this type of stuff before giving lectures on the subject. That was my bad..
  6. I'm here to learn. =] Thanks for information.
  7. Mehh, If i wanted too i could just go edit all of that sh*t out of wikipedia myself. I don't believe the Army flys all those planes, and I'm not trusting wikipedia. Not that it matters. You were right. more than one airplane. But it is definitely ambiguous as too how many fixed wing airplanes they fly. Prove me wrong anyone? id appreciate
  8. Why not just submit the package on time? ya know, like everyone else who actually is serious.
  9. With answers like that, you should be the chief-moderator of these forrums. Clearly they have more than one fixed-wing aircraft. But I highly doubt they are using these pieces of sh*t. I am sure that the C-12 DH-7 UC-35 are all doing a lot of work, but I would bet strong money that the Army doesen't use all aircraft in that list.
  10. $250/hour to accompany you on a trip which you are already going to do anyway? Wow what a deal. Thats like me going to the gas station, and asking if anyone would be interested in coming for a mere $25 each way. You could even get a slurpee if you wanted, but ithat won't be included.
  11. 80. Right. Sure are a lot of people who got a perfect score... I call BS.
  12. Doesent the Army only have one plane that they fly?
  13. Just go talk to your recruiter. If you want it bad enough, maybe its possible. No need to ask here. Good luck.
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