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  1. Just an update. I got a copy of my REDD Report from the local Army Recruiting office. My GT score is 125, so I guess that's decent. I also took my flight physical last week. No issues, just waiting to hear back from Fort Rucker now. Also, does anyone know if an official Air Force photo in my blues will suffice as the DA photo?
  2. Oh, trust me, I'm chasing any lead I can. The CW4 I spoke with that's in Egypt, I found on Instagram and messaged via Facebook. So you're working with a recruiter? How can they help you other than scheduling you to take the SIFT and getting your GT score? My dad's first car was a Ford Maverick, or so he claims. And you're correct, we get 20 points alone for the abdominal circumference. My flight physical was with the AF. In 2013 I was selected to retrain into Airborne ISR Operator, but due to sequestration I'm guessing, the AF cancelled several hundred retraining packages.
  3. I could've swore that I read somewhere that there were only four non-selects. How many people do you know that went up against the last board?
  4. Thanks guys. You could say I've started the packet, but I'm not too far into it. I still need to get the LOR's and make contact with a SWO who's willing to work with me. I spoke with a CW4 who flies C-12's but he's in Egypt so he was a little hesitant. He did offer some good advice and some insight on WOCS though. I also need to redo my flight physical. I say redo because I had one done previously but it's expired now. And finally, I need to take the SIFT. After I get all of those ducks in a row, I should have everything else that I need. I didn't think that I fit the bill a few years ago because I didn't have any education, leadership experience, time in service, those sort of things. Edit: Oh yeah, all of my PT tests have been in the 90's. I'm not sure what that equates to for the Army.
  5. How high are the selection rates for there to be such a large backlog?
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Mavrick, I'm 24 years old, and I am currently an active duty SSgt in the Air Force. I have been in the Air Force for five years now. Initially, I was an avionics maintainer on C-130's but eventually decided to retrain and now I'm a Training Manager. The reason I decided to join this forum was so I could soak in as much information as possible in regards to the Warrant Officer application process, as well as having a place were I could ask questions here and there. I originally heard about Army Warrant Officers a few years ago as a young Airman. When I learned that you could apply to become a pilot without a degree or flying experience, I was all beside myself. I looked into the requirements but didn't exactly fit the bill, so I decided to wait it out a little bit. Now, here I am. Ready to begin the arduous journey of the application process. I know it sounds corny but I want nothing more than to become an Army aviator and fly "Above the Best".
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