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  1. Getting to my first unit. Is there is stigma or stereotype associated with a new guy wearing their wings? I want to be humble and work, at the same time I am proud to be an Army Aviator. Thanks
  2. Well, to end the story of the journey from USAF E to USA WO. We leave Rucker on 29May as a 64 family heading to Ft. Wainwright AK. Arctic Attack! A long way, a change in careers that is almost night and day, and lots of work. A good change. Go Army. If you have questions I’d be happy to help if I can, just PM me.
  3. I don’t think they have any sister service selection minimums. Believe it’s all about your packet, compared to your peers and how many slots they have.
  4. I could care less, he made this site soooo much fun. Ahhhh, I recall the golden days of Shindig. I remember the day he his 100 pages...so good. I hope he returns, I’m a groupie.
  5. Does the OML play into (to any degree) what your first assignment is? Have a guy who's OML score was wrong (way lower 10%+ than what he actually got). Would HRC change his assignment (didn't get one of his top 3 but his #1 was available and given to someone who should have been lower than him) if they correct his OML and he soars to the top? Talking to BCo Cadre, other flight school students, instructors and getting all kinds of different answers. Thanks.
  6. Hello, Recommend you use the connections you already have. Ask your commissioned contacts to put you in contact with one of the CW2s they said they know. Ask the CW2 to put you in contact with....and climb the ladder to your LOR.
  7. @leothealion Have you tried contacting your career manager through your CoC and sharing with them what you want to do and why? Putting your name and passion to the packet may help. I'd try again man, bug people
  8. Passed my BRWS check-ride today . The journey continues!
  9. Did you ever figure out your flight physical?
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