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  1. Yes take the photo in you full service dress uniform. Ensure the ribbons match what is on your ERB. I had to go to an Army post to get the DA photo done because they no longer had the software on base. Check with your base PA office or where they take your passport picture.
  2. I had to apply for a moral waiver for an incident that I felt I didn't get due process on. So I highered a lawyer and the case was dismissed. I didn't take a plea and did not have to pay any fines the case was completely dismissed. Then highered the lawyer on again to take my case to court for expungement. He recently won the expungement case meaning my record was cleared of the incident because I was found 100% innocent. Since my record is cleared do I have to apply for a moral waiver? Has anyone else had to deal with waivers?
  3. Ok was just making sure you knew because someone said it was the 15th of this month. Congrats on getting it done and good luck on getting selected!!
  4. On the website it states the cutoff for packets is 17 July 2015 so you have until tomorrow!
  5. There are only TWO things I NEEDED a recruiter for. 1- to sign my conditional release in the recruiter block 2- to take my APFT EVERYTHING else you can do on your own without a recruiter. I would start the conditional release now that was one of the documents that took the longest (1-2months) LOI was simple. I emailed a chief warrant recruiter and they emailed me back in a day or so Your GT conversion request has to be signed by your CC so you want to route that with your conditional release The class I physical I got knocked out in one day and it only took about a week to come back from Rucker Study for the SIFT you can schedule that on your own Like the others said I would try to extend before reenlisting
  6. I am not just starting. I am going to the sept board and will not need a age waiver.
  7. Lets see what everyones stats for the upcoming board are looking like. I am excited and it will be a long two months!!!! Age: 32 GT: 114 SIFT: 62 APFT: 280 Civilian Education: BAS in management 3.0 GPA Associates Degree in Criminal Justice 3.4 GPA Associates Degree Meteorology 3.4 GPA Military Education: security forces (DG) and weather tech school, CLS, SERE, Dunker, open water survival, airmen leadership school (DG), Anti-terror Level II, Raven, mobile force protection, DAGRE Flight Physical: Complete and stamped (no waiver) Flight Experience: no flight experience LOR's: CW4, O5 Battalion Commander, O3 Company Commander Military Experience: 9 TIS E-5, deployment Iraq, deployment South America. 1 Air Force comm 1 Air Force achievement 1 joint service achievement
  8. 62 is actually a good score. Take a look at the thread of the selected individuals. You will see that a 62 is a competitive score but it's all up to how the rest of your packet looks not just your SIFT.
  9. You can pm me if you like. My friend went to the May board and got selected. I'm putting the finishing touches on my packet for the sept board.
  10. Here is an update to the Original. I cut a lot of wordy words out and tried to be more concise and to the point. I also bolded some key words but it won't pull that over when I copy and paste. After enlisting in the Air Force in 2006, I was immediately selected as the element leader and was responsible for 15 trainees throughout basic training. Then, during my Security Forces technical training, I excelled above my peers and completed the course with Distinguished Graduate honors. Upon arriving at my first duty station, I was again recognized as a leader. I was then selected to become one of the first Deployed Ground Response Element (DAGRE) members, where I demonstrated that I was dependable and trustworthy. I quickly progressed to become the team medic and weapons specialist. After being hand-picked for deployment, I was chosen as an element leader and earned a Joint Service Achievement medal. I also attended Airman Leadership School at this duty location where I was recognized as a Distinguished Graduate. My continued motivation and teamwork earned me Major Command (MAJCOM) Security Forces Airman of the Year and an Air Force Commendation Medal. At this point in my career, I volunteered to cross-train into the weather career field thus expanding my military skillset. I was again thrust into a leadership role as the class leader. During this intensive eight month course, I maintained a 96 percent average all while ensuring the accountability and success of 15 other trainees. Although my weather experience has known only one assignment, the 25th Operational Weather Squadron, I have had many successes during my four year tenure. I have received multiple quarterly and monthly awards including the Air Force Sergeants Association NCO of the Quarter. I was chosen to be a Ceremonial Guardsman for the Base Honor Guard and conducted 368 hours of official ceremonies. I was also selected above 15 of my peers to become the NCOIC of Alpha Flight and awarded an Air Force Achievement Medal. My peers elected me as 2014 Booster Club Vice President and volunteered more than 120 hours which enabled my Squadron to be recognized by the Tucson Arizona Chamber of Congress as the E.D. Jewett Outstanding Unit of the year for 2014. I am highly qualified for a Warrant Officer position as a Rotary Wing Aviator due to my academic background, personal experience, and inherent leadership ability. I want to be an Army Aviator so that I can directly integrate with front line operations and support Soldiers on the ground. My stepfather, who was an Army Aviator, influenced and intrigued my desire for flight at a young age. He inspired me to strive for and achieve a level of service and accomplishment similar to his own. My many life and military experiences have molded me to become a lead from the front member who is ready for any situation. With my sustained superior performance, leadership, and motivation I have the skillset to become an outstanding Army Aviator. It is clear to me that becoming an Army Aviator is my ultimate goal.
  11. Thanks for the feebback I've made changes. I'll post an update later tiger thoughts if that's alright.
  12. Like I stated before my friend went to the May board and got selected with a similar style format for his resume. I know what an actual resume for the civilian world is suppose to look like. Thanks for your feedback.
  13. Absolutely that method worked for me. When I say the drawings were worse I mean the actually quality of the drawing it was kind of hard to tell what is what. Maybe it was just me but the quality of the picture was worse than the ones I have been studying. But you are coming from an aviation back ground you should be fine
  14. I second what all the others said. Take your time. Don't rush. Just know that you've studied all you can and clear your head before heading in there. The simple drawings go as fast as you can BUT be accurate. Hidden figures I squinted on some and it actually helped me. Spatial was nothing like I studied. The drawings were way worse but the concept is the same. Aviation section you either have read it and know it or you don't. Reading comp is just that you read and see he what you comprehended just like you studied I'm sure. Math was pretty difficult for me because I'm not that good at it. Mechanical was fairly easy for me because I enjoy those kind of things. So clear your head get a good nights rest and a decent beakfast. I ended up scoring a 62
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