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  1. When people have submitted their transcripts are they official transcripts or non official, 'the kind you can just get emailed to you'. ?
  2. I'm trying to get a sponsor so I can get an AKO account to download the lotus form viewer from the warrant officer site. Anyone care to be my sponsor? Thanks.
  3. It is a decent score and I shouldnt be upset with it. Just wish I had done a bit better in the subsets that I thought would have been easy but weren't. O well I'll move on and see how everything else lines up.
  4. Don't really feel like sharing but I got a 62. Which is good considering I completely jacked up the simple drawings and hidden figures. The time went extremely fast compared to what I was prepared for. My test also reset twice during the first test and even though I wasn't docked time it just threw me off. I only made it to the mid 60s before I just started clicking. While some people have said that is the method, I wonder if I would have gotten more correct actually answering for the last 10 seconds vice just clicking. The hidden figures destroyed me. I don't know if I missed it in the instructions because I was frazzled or what but I didn't know some figures can be used more than once. The spatial was pretty easy for me based off prior experience but the drawings are not the best quality as stated above. Reading was.... Reading. The math and mechanical were both 50/50 on it being something I had studied before. I think the math was actually a bit easier than I expected while the mechanical was harder. Either way I'm not 100% happy with my score but all I can do now is make sure my packet is good and solid so that it can overshadow it.
  5. You say the drawings are different than you had study? My method is to see where the ground is; right side, left, headed towards, headed away. When I do that I usually only have one or two options and then it gets easy. Would that method still work with how you experienced the drawings?
  6. I'll look up those flash cards Michael. I am ok on the knowledge but it never hurts for more. I'm hoping my ten years of aviation can help some on the test and if not than hopefully with the board.
  7. Luckily I'm in Hawaii so I still have daylight Lindsey but it will be an early night.
  8. Got my test in the morning. Any last min suggestions?
  9. So for the active duty people. It it states the three you are already supposed to have. Now some of you say pick your best three. So are some of you not following along with what the website says and still getting in? I was going to get my OIC (O3) my CO (O5 former 160th exchange pilot) and my prior CO (O6). I have a work relationship with a CW5 that could probably write me and LOR but he is not a pilot. Is that an issue or does the board just like to see that a Army CWO wrote an LOR?
  10. Good afternoon all, Great site, very thankful for all the information. I had a question about the LOR's. How many are you supposed to have? From the research that I have found it says I need to have Company commander, Battalion commander, and then a senior Aviator. But when I read the threads from people with the stats of getting selected, they all have more than 3 LOR's. Am I missing it somewhere that says you can/should have more than 3 LOR's? Thanks.
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