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  1. grats man, your persistence paid off. Seen you on these forums for a while now, happy for you.
  2. I was going to say, I am a civilian applicant and I swear my recruiter is telling me different dates than what the USAREC site is saying..
  3. Anyone know off the top of their head when the next packet deadline is for this year? Also congrats to all those accepted.
  4. I thought this one was the last one of the fiscal year? Next one being Novemberish
  5. Is there any kind of rhyme or rhythm for a fixed-wing air-frame to come up in selection nowadays? Do LTs have privilege over WOs? What are some common duty stations for fixed-wing air-frames? "Additionally, what was passed down to us during our selection brief two weeks ago is that they won't make any C-12 slots available to any TH-67 class in the future, so if you want 'em, you better go Lakota." If this holds true, is there anything on our end we can do to fall in Lakota or is it solely about timing? Thanks
  6. Don't be discouraged at all. Where you are lacking in a high sift score can be made up else where. Not to be a broken record but I really do believe they focus on the "whole person" concept. Good luck to you.
  7. I'm kinda curious...my dad is retired cost guard and he said that the whole shaving policy didn't take effect in the coast guard until the early 80s. He said he specifically remembers two guys with beards who after the policy took effect, he didn't even recognize. I'm curious was this just the coast guard that adopted this shaving policy late or other branches as well? btw went with a charcoal suit
  8. Hey Forum, I am a civilian applicant so I won't be wearing a uniform. I plan on looking for a suit tomorrow for the board interview and was hoping to get some specifics as to what I should get? Traditional black suit? 2 piece or 3 piece? Should it be slim-fit or loose? Any other color besides black off limits? I've never owned a suit as all of my employment positions have been business casual so any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Mezz
  9. I'd like to know if after one's military service as an Army Aviator if they get access to the GI Bill or if that is only for enlisted guys? Is this one of those instances where you need to fill out some kind of application ahead of time in order to have access to it come retirement time? I ask because a friend and I were discussing today going to flight school for fixed-wing aircraft after his military service and becoming a dual rated pilot. Thanks in advance!
  10. forgive me for not knowing this lingo but what is a "sad panda" lol?
  11. That's pretty crazy Luke, I am just leaving fort hill with my recruiter from taking the Sift test! How come you arent going for a sooner board?
  12. thanks very much, a lot of what I assumed but also a lot of great insight. Thanks!
  13. oh wow, didn't know that. Thanks for the info Luke. Again best of luck. You'll get in eventually, don't give up!!!
  14. What are the biggest reasons why one would want to transition from a commissioned officer to a warrant officer assuming they are already a rotary wing pilot as a commissioned officer? Thank you!
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