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  1. Yeah, I'm def going to look into that. I have a dog though so it just depends on how that is going to factor into the equation. Either way, there seems to be a ton of places for rent from what I've seen on craigslist and other housing websites. I'm sure it won't be an issue, still a long ways out
  2. I feel your pain. I got selected in Nov and I've just been sitting around twiddling my thumbs, ready to get this move over with. I'm just trying to get a head start on the whole housing deal. The last thing I want is to finish WOCS and then have a day or 2 to scramble to try to find a house/place to live.
  3. Anybody else here slated for class 16-013 with a start date of 20 April?
  4. Like Creep said, you're going to have the start the process all over again through the recruiter as if you're a new enlistee....minus the flight physical at MEPS. I just got done with all of that and now I'm just waiting for my "ship" date on March 23rd and my EAS from the Marine Corps will be March 22nd. I'm still waiting on them to change my EAS though... Since this process isn't common nobody really knows what's going on and you may hit a few minor bumps in the road
  5. Nope....I called two days ago to verify they had my correct email because I'm an interservice transfer and the guy I spoke to said they were still working the scheduling. He said we would receive an email with dates and any pertinent instructions. Hopefully we get that sooner than later so I can start planning...
  6. I'll also be passing on their generous offer of letting me go through the course again...lol
  7. Yeah....I checked the page at least 4 billion times today haha. When I saw the USAR message post I thought for sure we would've found out today. Guess not
  8. I'm AD usmc and just submitted my packet for the November board. The recruiters were completely worthless to me because I had the same problems you addressed and every time one of them responded they were giving me mixed answers. You shouldn't need them for anything other than possibly signing your conditional release. There are plenty of people on this forum that have dealt with issues like this and could help you out. I'm more than wiling to help out as I was helped by a few other inter service transfers
  9. At least you find out this week....I have to suffer through the weekend
  10. I'm pretty sure the AD message doesn't come out until the next week.
  11. From what I've seen from past boards, the message usually comes out the Monday or Tuesday following the end of the board, correct?
  12. I have not noticed any fallout as a result of the accident. We still have guys doing the HAVEACE training down there. I was actually the CACO for one of the guys, not exactly an ideal assignment but seeing first hand how all of the families and friends rallied together to get through it was insane. The whole situation was unfortunate but hopefully policies and procedures have been put in place to avoid something like this from happening again. I have also not seen the video, I'm assuming it's from someone's helmet cam?
  13. I feel your pain....I check the site as soon as I get to work and several times throughout the day. It's going to be pure torture the week of the board.
  14. I'm not sure... According to the website it's still 18 September but maybe they just haven't updated it yet. Either way, I'd def get it in as soon as possible. I submitted mine on the 18th and still haven't gotten word back whether or not it's board ready.
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