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  1. It all depends on how your family handles it. Which state are you from? If you’re close to Alabama it may work fairly well for you. I have a friend who’s family is in a state close by and he goes home often. If you think it will be ok on your family for you to be gone for a year or two then shoot for it.
  2. Most 60 slots were guard. The 47 slot was guard. Two 12s went to WO. I went guns. 😃
  3. I’ve been following this forum for 8 years now and it’s finally my chance to post my selection day! C-12: 3 CH-47: 1 AH-64: 16 UH-60: 35
  4. It’s not as long anymore if there’s still one at all. Maybe 3 weeks for sere. The problem right now is the people being pulled from class for being “sick” or have covid. I had a few guys in my class get pulled in august and they still don’t have a class yet. Other than that 15-18 months is about right still.
  5. I second this. I came off the trail at Jackson a year ago and we were the same with our NCO and prior service. Funny thing was we bussed the trainees to AIT and my last cycle I brought the trainees to Rucker and had a street to seater whom I am now in CC with.
  6. you can call Corvis housing on post and get on the “list” and have a place ready for when January comes. It’s not too early to call. Or you can find a place before you sign into post. When I came last January I had gotten a place on post then I signed into post in processed then signed into WOCS HHC and they had me do “busy work” until the report date of WOCS. It was just like a regular week at work. They didn’t keep me in the barracks until the start date of WOCS. If you’re a street to seater coming from basic I’ve heard of some guys having a place lined up so when they arrived after basic they didn’t need to stay in the barracks and had their families set up. Or you can get a barracks room go through WOCS then take the 10 days after to find a place and try to move before you start WOBC. I’m not sure how your situation will work but this is what worked out for me.
  7. Pretty much the same experience for me. It’s just a long boring 5 weeks of check the block training. If you’re a street to seater this is great information for you to learn. If you’ve been through any type of NCOES this is a refresher. Lane navigation takes out a lot of people for mistakes. The instructors “teach” land nav l, but they don’t teach it to practical use. If you have a good understanding of land nav you should be able to traverse the course without a compass no problem. It isn’t self correcting but they do give you water point grids. The integration run is not bad unless you have multiple lower extremity issues that limit your movement. We did a 10-11 minute mile uphill both ways in the snow lol. It wasn’t hard. The ACFT was pretty straightforward with exception of the MDL being the minimum weight for everyone. They try to keep you inside out of sight for the most part so vitamin D doesn’t come easily. Again it’s gonna be a long 5 weeks. Make the most of it and it’ll go by fast.
  8. So it seems like everyone selected for WOCS prior to October 1st 2020 will incur a 6 year ADSO if I’m clearly understanding this right. But it seems there is some instances where some sign a 10 year agreement. I guess the only way to know for sure is when you graduate flight school. I really want to believe I have a 6 year. 🤞
  9. I’d ask to talk with the 1SG or CO. Ask them to inquire with S-1 to see what HRC says. A lot has changed due to COVID. If all else fails call warrant officer accessions (which I believe the POC is listed on your RFO) and see what they say. I assume you’re at Jackson?
  10. I have a date of 2 February. Is there a way to schedule it earlier. I am not trying to do this drill sergeant stuff any longer than I have to.
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