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  1. Haha yeah seems pretty fair until they hit your class with a needs of the army like my class and completely landslide the majority of the class (if not the whole class) to a certain aircraft. They have been doing it pretty hard lately to the LTs going to 60s and as with my class, Warrants to 64s.
  2. This selection was a true case of needs of the Army. As for the numbers of who wanted what, only about 4 of us wanted 64s. There were 3 that were working really hard to get 47s and the other 4 had their hearts set on 60s. In regards to OML, the number 1 Warrant in the class was a Guard guy and already knew what he was getting.
  3. If things havent changed since I submitted my packet, they review all waivers the week before the board. I was told this by the Warrant Officer recruiting team. I was active duty when I applied and had to deal directly with the Warrant Officer recruiting team. Back when I applied, they were able to login to their system and give me updates on where my packet stood. I dont know if regular recruiters have the same access for those that are applying as civilians.
  4. Last Thursday was my classs selection, a TH-67 class, the numbers below are for the Active Duty: WOs: 11x AH64E LTs: 1x AH64E 3x CH47F 16x UH60M (The numbers maybe a little off for the LTs in regards to the 47s and 60s, but thats pretty close) Yes, you are reading that correctly, all the active duty Warrants from this class got guns!!! Only Guard/Reserve Warrants got anything else.
  5. I just finished common core as a 67 class. My class just had our selection this past Thursday. PM your contact info and I can meet up with you to give you some stuff, especially if you have an iPad!
  6. 18 months is correct, but it is not based on your birthday. I cant remember exactly which one it is but it is either based on the day the physical was initiated or the date it was completed.
  7. Yes there will still be the ceremonies. He has just implemented some changes that are supposed to begin with the next selection next week. Those changes are, the aircrafts will already be assigned before the ceremony begins. They will still be assigned by OML according to your order of preference that you list in ARTS. Then at the ceremony the #1 LT and Warrant of the class will be called first to announce what they are getting and then the rest of the class will be called in alphabetical order. They will be telling you where youre at on the OML instead of finding out by the order in which you are called.
  8. If the 60 community was at ~150% strength, Ive been told that 60s are in bad need of Warrants under CW3. Thats why there have been so many slots lately in all the selections. To be honest, I really havent heard that any of the rotary wing communities are anywhere near 100% but of the three 60s would be the closest to full strength. The army is still needing pilots badly and cant keep them from getting out. (Just throwing this out there, Im not trying to be argumentative or anything, I'm just stating what Ive been told/heard here at Rucker.)
  9. Todays selection: WOs 47s-2, 64s-1,3,5,6,11, 60s-4,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15 LTs 47-1,5, 64-2,3,4,7,8, 60-6,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 It was a TH67 class, thats why there are not any C12s.
  10. Yesterdays selection and order for Warrants: 47s: 1,4 12s: 2,3,6 64s: 5,11 60s: 7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,16
  11. When you say at the end, how far back? Do you or anyone happen know what the order went for the warrants?
  12. Thats correct, your physical has to be good through WOCS and then you will get another done before you start WOBC thatll be good for the rest of the time you are in school.
  13. The first of 3 trial courses was October/November 2018 and because of the success rate of those trial courses all WOCS courses switched from 7 to 5 week courses.
  14. Yes that would be a good time to move your family! Definitely do everything you can to move them during that month between basic and WOCS. You will only get 5-10 days after WOCS to do anything depending on when you are slotted to start WOBC. To your other question, yes when you begin WOCS you will be locked down there for the entire course!
  15. That is correct, if you do not pass retest day then you get recycled to the next class that is starting land nav. If you do not pass it after the next 2 attempts, they send you to the Commandant for a decision on whether to let you have another attempt or go home. If it comes to that, you will be subject to a one year wait and reapply. This happened to someone in a class ahead of me. The person failed an academic test, then both days of land nav. Recycled to another class, passed land nav but failed both attempts at the final academics test and was sent back to their unit having to wait a year and reapply.
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