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  1. This selection was a true case of needs of the Army. As for the numbers of who wanted what, only about 4 of us wanted 64s. There were 3 that were working really hard to get 47s and the other 4 had their hearts set on 60s. In regards to OML, the number 1 Warrant in the class was a Guard guy and already knew what he was getting.

  2. If things havent changed since I submitted my packet, they review all waivers the week before the board. I was told this by the Warrant Officer recruiting team. I was active duty when I applied and had to deal directly with the Warrant Officer recruiting team. Back when I applied, they were able to login to their system and give me updates on where my packet stood. I dont know if regular recruiters have the same access for those that are applying as civilians.

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  3. Last Thursday was my classs selection, a TH-67 class, the numbers below are for the Active Duty:



    11x AH64E


    1x AH64E

    3x CH47F

    16x UH60M

    (The numbers maybe a little off for the LTs in regards to the 47s and 60s, but thats pretty close)


    Yes, you are reading that correctly, all the active duty Warrants from this class got guns!!! Only Guard/Reserve Warrants got anything else.

  4. Soooo has anyone else heard that there arent any more aircraft selection ceremonies? The new CG has changed everything.

    Yes there will still be the ceremonies. He has just implemented some changes that are supposed to begin with the next selection next week. Those changes are, the aircrafts will already be assigned before the ceremony begins. They will still be assigned by OML according to your order of preference that you list in ARTS. Then at the ceremony the #1 LT and Warrant of the class will be called first to announce what they are getting and then the rest of the class will be called in alphabetical order. They will be telling you where youre at on the OML instead of finding out by the order in which you are called.

  5. Everyone I talk to keeps saying that the 60s are at ~150% strength, its interesting that there are still so many slots available for them and not many for the other airframes.

    If the 60 community was at ~150% strength, Ive been told that 60s are in bad need of Warrants under CW3. Thats why there have been so many slots lately in all the selections. To be honest, I really havent heard that any of the rotary wing communities are anywhere near 100% but of the three 60s would be the closest to full strength. The army is still needing pilots badly and cant keep them from getting out.

    (Just throwing this out there, Im not trying to be argumentative or anything, I'm just stating what Ive been told/heard here at Rucker.)

  6. Pretty sure in the welcome letter it states you have to have an unexpired flight physical through WOCS. I dont have access to the welcome email, but Ill double check Monday and make sure.

    Thats correct, your physical has to be good through WOCS and then you will get another done before you start WOBC thatll be good for the rest of the time you are in school.

  7. Ill be graduating BCT (currently active duty Coast Guard) at the end of July and my WOCS class 19-020 begins 27 or 28 August...during that month before WOCS I intend to move my family up. Is that a realistic goal or should I plan to move them up after WOCS? Im thinking it would be easier on my kids to start the school year in Enterprise on the first day of school there rather than a month later. Im also under the assumption that Ill be away from the house for the entire 5 week course? Is that accurate?

    Yes that would be a good time to move your family! Definitely do everything you can to move them during that month between basic and WOCS. You will only get 5-10 days after WOCS to do anything depending on when you are slotted to start WOBC. To your other question, yes when you begin WOCS you will be locked down there for the entire course!

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  8. They failed day one and everyone passed the retest. We were actually a trial class that didnt get a practice, so there were actually two retest days.


    I want to say you just get recycled for a land nav failure, but Im not totally certain on that.

    That is correct, if you do not pass retest day then you get recycled to the next class that is starting land nav. If you do not pass it after the next 2 attempts, they send you to the Commandant for a decision on whether to let you have another attempt or go home. If it comes to that, you will be subject to a one year wait and reapply. This happened to someone in a class ahead of me. The person failed an academic test, then both days of land nav. Recycled to another class, passed land nav but failed both attempts at the final academics test and was sent back to their unit having to wait a year and reapply.

  9. I was MI, so no Land Nav... EVER after basic. almost 8 years without touching a map and compass and still land nav was a piece of cake. if you can't pass land nav and the easy academics you shouldn't even be at wocs. What's hard about academics? Land Nav? they literally give you a satellite map with the roads on it. find 3 out of 4 and chances are 2 of those 3 are water points, which are clearly identified. I was terrified going into land nav just to find out it was a JOKE.


    Plus you get a day to get familiar with the Land Nav course. Our class started with 52 candidates and finished with 53. Not a single failure and added a wash back. You must try, and try HARD to fail WOCS!

    When did you go through WOCS? I only ask bc I went through this past Oct-Nov and they did away with the familiarization day of the land nav course. Now its 2 days of classes then straight into the land nav course.

  10. that's a LOT of people failing WOCS! I can't even imagine how could anyone fail out of WOCS!

    Thats really not a lot of people when you consider the class size ranges anywhere from 85 all the way up to max capacity of 96 candidates. The biggest killer at WOCS is land nav, that is usually what gets the most people. You may have one or two get dropped for failing the academic tests but land nav is what does the most damage. I knew a couple people in that last class and they said the ones that did not graduate was bc of land nav.

  11. Thats great news! Goodluck in school. I assume youre slotted for the 7 week course?

    From what Ive seen and heard here at Rucker, there wont be anymore 7 week classes. One of the test phase 5 week courses graduated yesterday and only had around 5 or 6 candidates not complete the course. With those kind of completion numbers, they will not run 7 week courses anymore.

  12. For anyone whose recently been to WOCs. When you report to rucker 10 days prior to in process post are you living in the barracks from that point on or are you still allowed to be with your family until your class starts?

    It all depends on the guidance put out at HHC during in-processing. You will have 2 different report dates, the PCS report date which is 10 days prior and the actual class report date. When I went through, I was allowed to go home and be with my family until the actual class report date. I dont know how true it is but I heard a couple classes after my class they quit letting people do that. They will tell you at HHC when you sign in.

  13. Im currently 33 years old, but will 34 by the time my packet gets to the board. Im a crew chief for the Apaches, I work with pilots all day who keeps telling me to drop a packet because the army is hurting for pilots. However, Im a little bit concerned because April will make 2 years since Ive been in the army, I joined a bit later on in my life. I spoke to a recruiter and she told me that I have a better chance of getting an age waiver than a time in service waiver, given the fact that I still can offer the army more TIS than someone whose been in over 12 years. Ive been studying for the sift, aiming for the March packet turn in deadline to meet the May board. I have no ailments. 20/20 vision and everything 298 PT score, 12:30 mins run time and the whole works. Im passed up for a 24 year old on a regular basis.


    Does anyone know of people getting picked up at this age?

    I completely agree with the Warrant Officer recruiter you spoke with. You do offer more TIS and with everything else you mentioned, you shouldnt have an issue physically and medically. I was selected with an approved age waiver at the age of 34, Im 35 now, and am currently in hold waiting for common core. I had 7 going on 8 years TIS when I was selected. Its all about how well you can sell yourself and convince the waiver board to approve your waiver. I did my best to state facts/circumstances on why I applied at my age, what I am capable of physically, and why I believe I deserved approval for a waiver. I would definitely submit a packet and see what shakes out!!! Feel free to hit me up with any questions.

  14. Unless they axed it, we had 10 days of PTDY to house hunt and get all of our stuff moved down to Rucker.

    I just completed WOCS this past November and they were still giving the 10 days PTDY after WOCS. With that being said, be ready to go straight into your flight physical appointment the morning after your PTDY, followed by CIF draw and then starting class the following day.

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  15. Psbct was at leonard wood im pretty sure. And woft bct theyll probably send you to jackson

    Im not exactly sure where the PS-BCT is but from what Ive seen from following the forum is they will send you to whichever BCT is available the day you sign your contract. I know for sure theres not a specific WOFT BCT. I only say that because Ive seen people on here get sent all over the place.

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