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  1. Six months is correct for MEPS. There is another thread on this forum where this question was brought up before and addressed with where to find the regulations. MEPS requires a 6 month post op recovery timeline. The actual flight physical only requires a three month post op recovery timeline.
  2. Congratulations to all the AD selects!!!
  3. I have been following this forum for about 3 or so years and from what I have seen over that time period is that civilian applicants do have different submission dates. As long as the civilian applicants have completed the battalion recruiting board and do not have any waiver requests they have different/later submission dates.
  4. Congratulations to all the civilian applicants selected this board!!!
  5. Wow, that is the first selection in the 3 years I have been following this forum where there were not any 64s!!!
  6. Wow, nice spread and thats the most 47s I have ever seen on this thread!!!
  7. I was really thinking that I would have to see that to believe that they did away with stenciling! Check your PM inbox JH11B, I sent you a message.
  8. Am I reading that correctly that there is no more stenciling? I will be signing in the whole 10 days prior because that is what is listed for my report date. So is that right that it will take approximately 5 days to in-process Ft. Rucker and then we will have 5 days give or take to read up on the SOP?
  9. That is what I have always known since I have been following this forum and this thread is one I always look forward to seeing the next post. That is why I was asking because it has been over a month since anyone posted about any selections.
  10. Does anyone know where I could find an up to date WOCS SOP? I want to start preparing all of my gear and the copy I received from a friend was last updated August 2014. I have looked around the WOCC website and could only find the welcome letter and orientation packet.
  11. Have there been any recent airframe selections?
  12. Congratulations to all selected on this board! For those that were not picked up this time, dont give up! Continue to update your packets and submit until you see your name on the selected list.
  13. Congratulations to all the selected civilians and good luck to all the AD applicants still waiting for the results to post!!!
  14. Thanks for the heads up! I checked my email today after being on pass Thursday and Friday and discovered an email dated 9MAR2018 with my RFO. I am so excited to start preparing and doing everything I need to do to head to Rucker!
  15. I have a couple questions regarding the RFO, getting orders, and early reporting time frame. First question, will the RFO come to my enterprise email like the class dates or will it be in my AKO? I have been told it should show up in the Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK) link on AKO but the ASK link/website has been down for a while. Second question coming from the AD side, will I be able to PCS and report early? Reason for this is the 28AUG2018 class date I have is around the time school starts in Alabama and I have a child I will need to get registered for school. I do plan on taking leave before class starts in order to do the PCS and get my family mostly settled before school starts. Thanks in advance for any information!
  16. For active duty applicants, the summary on the final page of the resume is the space for you to put your resume summary as you stated and your explanation of why you want to be an army aviator. As an active duty application, it is not part of the application checklist to submit a one page essay both typed and hand written. That is a requirement for the civilian application. That is why you use the resume summary for that.
  17. I received my class dates, 28AUG2018 for WOCS with a 21OCT2018 WOBC date. I cant wait to get started, I may also see if I cant get a sooner class date as well!
  18. I have been out doing live fire exercises all week so I have not been able to check my email. Hearing that you got yours makes me hopeful that I will have an email with a class date when I get off the range.
  19. So when does anybody from the AD side think we are going to get class dates? I am ready to get started!
  20. Selected January 2018 (Postponed to February) Age: 34 GT: 114 SIFT: 46 APFT: 277 Military: AD Army E-6(P), 7 years TIS Military Experience: BLC, ALC, Airborne, SERE LVL C, 2 Afghanistan deployments, 2 South America deployments Civilian Ed: 60 credits towards BS in Biology Flight: None Physical: Complete and stamped Waivers: Age and Moral (approved) LOR: CC(O-4), BC(O-5), CW4(UH-60 IP)
  21. I am also a first time select! Congratulations to all that made it!!!
  22. Congratulations to all the civilian applicants that were selected!
  23. Good luck to everybody being boarded this week and good luck not going crazy as we wait for the release of the results!
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