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  1. It has been a long time since I first began following this forum and now I am making my first post. I really want to thank this forum and all the posters for all of the information located within this forum and for inspiring me to get my packet completed. My stats: Age: 34 GT: 114 SIFT: 46 APFT: 277 Military: AD Army E-6(P), 7 years TIS Military Experience: BLC, ALC, Airborne, SERE LVL C, 2 Afghanistan deployments, 2 South America deployments Civilian Ed: 60 credits towards BS in Biology Flight: None Physical: Complete and stamped Waivers: Age and Moral (approved) LOR: CC(O-4), BC(O-5), CW4(UH-60 IP) I didnt want to post until I knew which board my packet would be competing in and I was waiting for the results of my waiver requests. Yesterday I received the disposition memo from the Army G-1 office stating that my age and moral waiver have been approved. That memo placed my packet into a board ready status. Now I am even more nervous/anxious for next week and the days leading up to the posting of the results. As much as this forum has helped me, let me know if there are any questions or ways that I can help out anybody putting a packet together. Good luck to everybody competing in next weeks board!
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