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  1. yeah, I'm checking all kinds of academies and thought this one might be the best so far that I've found with the different terrain....
  2. Anyone have any experience with Hillsboro Aviation in Oregon?
  3. Guess I should rephrase that....it's not like a major injury, it was ruptured discs, that have since healed but, sometimes it gets agitated with all this different gear stuck into diff places of my back while sitting in the squad seat, I have no problems with that stupid belt off sitting anywhere. Loosing 60lbs has also helped with that too.
  4. Yeah I'd like to fly fixed or rotor for some type of Emergency service eventually. I was born to be a first responder, hence why I'm in law enforcement and I'm a EMT....Wearing all this gear and strapped in my vest 12hrs a night is just killing my back (previous injury from getting attacked by 2 suspects on pcp)....I cut a teenager down from a Tree night before last and after 5minutes of CPR waiting for EMS to arrive to take over, my back was hurting something fierce...So many attempted suicides lately, I don't know what is going on with people. Cops being killed for no reason, this world is in trouble....I'm just ready for a change.....I'm happy in the sky....
  5. Thank You for all that info. I appreciate any advice pilots have for newbies. I spoke with a capt today and he gave me some solid advice to look into on the fixed wing side. I'm still leaning towards rotor, I weighed myself today when I met with my trainer and still hoovering at 240. I don't think it's impossible I've just got to slap myself even harder and maybe go on a Dr. Monitored diet, I know it cost's like 1200 but, maybe it's what I need with this crazy work schedule I have and hours shifts.....
  6. yeah I'm still looking into Bristow Academy in Louisiana, they are using 300's....I have been searching jobs for after you get hours etc and have noticed under 230 is pretty much a standard....I'll do my best to loose the weight and I will not commit unless I've reached 220 or under goal....I'm not like a heavy big pot belly kinda guy, it's just distributed everywhere...lol I'm actually waiting on a call back from a fixed wing chief instructor to run some questions by him. I've noticed a lot of fixed wing jobs require a college degree. I went to college for a few semesters and found it not to be for me. I learn better from a smaller group and more hands on, If I can put my hands on something and do it, I will learn it.
  7. Thanks for the advice....At this point I'm just going to keep doing research while I figure out the best option, I will put this on the back burner until Spring and in that time I will work out how to do what I need and I will also work on getting my weight down even farther....With Midwest getting a guimbal helicopter in January and another in May it will be nice if I don't get under 200lbs...They are the new thing and cheaper than the 44
  8. no no, I was at Midwest Helicopter Flight School...They just purchased a simulator for the school and I was the first one to try it out....I had an instructor in the room teaching me as I was doing it....I think it helped when it came time for the flight afterwards...I thought about fixed wing and I might do just 1 more intro flight...The last one I did was in January this year and it was freaking super cold and really windy, I was white knuckled the whole time and ready to be out and back in the helicopter....
  9. I've tried and being deaf in my ear hinders me from all major cities in the Missouri area that make better money....I'm used to it at this point...My wife has been a LPN for the last 5years and now she is going to get her RN...She can be my sugar momma! ;-) Avbug I will look into what you suggested, Thanks for that. I did an hour on the simulator today took me almost the entire hour to get it and I still couldn't land or take off right without making the aircraft go wonky far left or far right...I was able to take the controls today in the R44 while in flight, I do much better when I'm cruising then trying to land or take off or hover....I don't think I'm to terrible, everything CAN be taught and become muscle memory but, man was I a bundle of stiff rock up there.....It's pretty nerve racking at first, not sure how long it takes to take me from white knuckle on the controls to loosey goosey....I just recieved my Helicopter flying handbook in the mail from amazon, I'm going to spend the next few weeks going over that and once Midwest helicopter gets the gimbul in january I want to take another test flight in that. In the mean time just working on research and dropping more weight. Went from 300lbs now I'm at 245....I don't think I've been under 200lbs in 17years....working rotating shifts and the stress of the job, my body rejects weight loss...It took me 2 1/2 years to loose 60lbs....
  10. So, I'm 34yrs old, I've been a Police Officer for the last 12years, deaf in my left ear since I was born, have a Wife and a 3yr old son, I'm a non veteran with no savings. Ya so I really have a passion for flying and I want to do this commercially. I had no idea I would be able to fly with a deaf ear until I was talking to a EMS pilot and he suggested getting my med cert from the faa dr. I got my class 2 medical in December and now the struggle is how on earth do non-veterans pay for this. I've never made more than 28,000 as a Police Officer So, one can imagine basically you live paycheck to paycheck. Will be debt free in the next month or 2 but, when you look at getting a loan they go off your income with most of these and that means I can get like $10,000....Yippie only $95,000 short....I'm 6'1" 245lbs down from my original weight of 300 and I'm still to heavy to train in a R22...Therefore my training is more expensive being in a R44 or 300CBi. I'm looking for any advice I can get. While I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for this training I've been thinking about doing some sim training at midwest helicopter in STL and maybe online ground school (a website I ran into). I live around Springfield Illinois but, I'm a Police Officer an hour north of STL Missouri. Thanks again Andy
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