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  1. Wow low?? I figured it was kinda steep but I'm still learning all the prices and such for flight hours too...
  2. So I'm just curious to know what everyone is paying per flight hour for their training and in what aircraft they are training in?
  3. So I'm currently going back to school for my degree and stumbled across a company here in town that offers flight instruction. They are a great company with a spectacular reputation in the "touring" dept. I read over their info in regards to flight training and here is what I saw that caught my eye... Part 135 operator Fly the R44 Raven II $480 per flight hour. Now I'm still new to the price tag of things for rotor wing training but this seems like it may be a bit steep doesn't it? Also...does the part 135 option matter that much as well? TIA for any advice or info anyone can shed some light t
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