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  1. Anyone know of an FBO or other company that has a light helicopter simulator in the Mid-Atlantic Area. I am looking at working on my commercial and according to the new regs the 5 instrument hours can be done in a simulator. Looking to save every penny I can to get it done. Chris
  2. I am going to remain vague about who this was. As we all know, the helicopter world is small. The instructor is a high time (over 35000 hours) pilot. He was teaching a class. As I said I have my PP(H), but I was sitting in a room with 4 CP(H)s who probably each have10-20 times my hours and whom I would like to fly with. So more likely than not I will never see this instructor again, let alone fly with him. I really just wanted to see if my training and response was similar to others with similar experience. Chris
  3. You got the tone correct. This question came up in a group setting and I being the lowest time pilot in the room was the only one willing to answer. The instructor asked what is the first control input in an autorotation. I said down collective, he replied he would never get into a helicopter with me, then mummbled something about do that during climbing right turn and see what happens. And that I would be a lawn dart. Having done all of my private pilot rotorcraft helicopter training in an R22, down collective NOW is what I know. I realize that right pedal and aft cyclic are almost simultaneous, but the procedure I was taught is get the collective full down NOW. Then take care of the rest. I was putting the question out there to see if other folks were trained the same way. It seems that most of the R22 trained pilots are trained the same way. Thanks for the input. Chris
  4. Sorry you feel that way. I was not trying to be silly. I had the question posed to me be a high high time pilot and instructor. Being trained in an R22 my immediate answer was down collective. When he told me I would be a lawndart, I wated to see how many others were trained the same way I was. Thanks to all that provided their prospective. Chris
  5. You are flying along and the engine quits, you need to auto right now. That is all the information you are given. What is your FIRST control input? Chris
  6. Don't know if anyone has posted this yet, but the WCVB News 5 chopper in Boston made a perfect night auto on the Boston Common. Video is here Chris
  7. Well, not exactly... 14CFR Sec. 61.129( c )( 4 ) says "Ten hours of solo flight time in a helicopter or 10 hours of flight time performing the duties of pilot in command in a helicopter with an authorized instructor on board (either of which may be credited towards the flight time requirement under paragraph ( c )( 2 ) of this section), on the areas of operation listed under §61.127((3) that includes— (i) One cross-country flight with landings at a minimum of three points, with one segment consisting of a straight-line distance of at least 50 nautical miles from the original point of departure; and (ii) 5 hours in night VFR conditions with 10 takeoffs and 10 landings (with each landing involving a flight in the traffic pattern)." Sounds like solo with an instructor to me. I think it is dumb, but that's what it says. Chris p.s. 61.87 has nothing to do with a private pilot training for the commercial certificate. § 61.87 Solo requirements for student pilots.
  8. I disagree. Watch the shadows. I think they spun the blades ran and hid, then edited that part out. But, I wasn't there so it's just a guess. Chris p.s. I just read the notes under the video, it implies that he ran and hid.
  9. I have been very lucky. So far I have flown the Robinson R-22, Bell 206B, 206L, OH-58 and 407. Eurocopter EC-120, Augusta A-109. And I've ridden in the Aerospatiale Eurocopter AS365N1 Dauphin twice. I would like to fly the R-44 and the S-92 oh and of course a Sea King and Huey before they are gone. Chris
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