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  1. Dnr032, I made 0-3 as I was getting out, oct '13. I was trying to go into the reserve unit in Conroe, TX...They directed me to a recruiter and he is the one wanting me to go warrant. I know the unit is in need of a few officers. Im not sure which I would prefer, NG or Reserves. Thanks for the response.
  2. I am a former Marine Captain and would like to fly for the Army Reserves. Everyone I have talked to has wanted me to resign my commission and go WOFT...I dont really care about flight time. I would rather keep my commission and fly as needed but have a leadership role. I fly plenty on the civilian side to keep me happy. Anyone on here gone a similar path and can help me find who I need to talk to?
  3. Howdy, My name is Albert and I am currently in between jobs and am available for short term work. I live in Texas and would be willing to travel for contract/relief work, PIC or SIC, Flight instruction, or to ferry an aircraft. Total flight time: 550 Turbine: 312 AS350: 121 206: 60 x-country: 408 High DA >6000: 352 Instrument: 150 Night: 50 Willing to work for hours in some cases. to request resume contact me at Albert@w5lee.com
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