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  1. Thanks for the replies, I am 55 yrs old & ex military WSO (35 yrs & 9500hrs), I will find an Enstrom to have a look at in the UK and try it for size. I did enjoy a trip in a 300CB and like the feel of, what I believe to be, a proper cyclic setup as apposed to the Robbo. Keep the thoughts coming as they all help me think the quest through.
  2. Hi, I am a mature fixed wing UK PPL who is looking to complete some rotary training to PPL level in the USA; I originally completed my fixed wing training in San Diego. I am seeking some advice on school / aircraft options that are currently available in the states. The conundrum is that I am 6'6" and weigh 320lbs so not built for a R22! I have flown in, and prefer as I am not a robinson fan, a 269/300 but think it would be marginal to train in weight wise. So aside from the lose weight you fat bas***d, cut your legs off type of advise I am looking for some more helpful cost effective options that may be available in the current market. TIA Mervin
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