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  1. As far as Im tracking, the UQR has nothing to do with the date when you will show up to rucker. There were several of us on the same board, submitted our UQRs around the same time, yet we all showed up over a span of around 4 months. I believe I got my class date before I submitted my UQR. So, you should know your timeline before you submit that UQR. Definitely look at that guidance worksheet from Joe. A buddy of mine and myself redid that and sent it back to HRC back in 2015. Hopefully they are still using the one we edited. Super helpful.
  2. Actual regs, Ill ask around. But, as far as Im tracking high 3 is high 3 in terms of retirement. You would retire at whatever warrant rank you are at the time, but your retirement pay would be whatever your high 3 years of pay is (would probably be O4).
  3. I just tore out the red pieces out of the crappy CEPs and super glued them into my molded ones. The black CEP cord then screws into them and plugs into your helmet. Works perfectly.
  4. You do not have to by back your leave after you revert. Whatever route you decide to take, make sure you are extremely explicit in what you want. This gets jacked up for most people.
  5. Your class get duty stations yet? Dying for people out at JBLM.
  6. Have you contacted your Branch Manager? Ive heard both cases. Most common its with a couple years left on the ADSO as an O3
  7. Seriously though. My troop only has 2 untracked junior warrants, myself included. Im the only PI. We finally just got a second MTP but our TACOPS guy just left. Im not even sure out Troop is at 50% strength lol.
  8. This is definitely possible and there are a couple routes you can go. I dont understand everything on how the guard does there aviation spots, but that route was my backup plan if I couldnt get the active duty Conditional Release stuff to work. The way it was going to work for me, I had met a COL in the Delaware Guard (was stationed in Maryland at the time) who was in command somewhere with their aviation unit. He gave me the opportunity to come and interview with them, and come check out how they do operations there. The way I understood it, when my contract was up, I would join the Delaware guard as a warrant and they would send me to flight school. Lol. It sounded a bit too good to be true, but the way they do assessions is totally different then the active side. It appears its based on slots available in that specific unit, and its up to them to send who they want. If I were you, I would figure out which guard unit closest to where you want to end up, has aviation units. Contact them and talk to whoever is in charge about their aviation program and fill them in on what you want to do. I was in flight school with someone who started at their guard unit as an LT, but came to rucker as a WO1 because they only had a warrant officer aviation slot available. So I know it happens.
  9. Put your packet in. Worst case, you dont make it. Then you would have a year to go through your leadership courses, add more to your resume, and get better LORs.
  10. You can get letters from whomever you want. Are you active duty? If so, one letter must be a CW3 or higher aviator, one from your company commander and one from your battalion commander. Then you can get whatever other letters you want from any branch or rank you want. There is a down period after corrective surgery, I believe its 6 months. The actual answer is somewhere else on this forum.
  11. They have one of the original apaches in one of the hangars behind the museum. The curator will take you back there if you ask him.
  12. Good thing we got what we wanted... cause that would have been embarrassing. Looking back we probably jumped the gun a bit on that one.
  13. Checkrides are weighted heavy, WOBC counts more than you think, and do well on your selection APFT. It's pointless trying to calculate it exactly, but you will know about what your overall OML will be. If you average 93s on all your checkrides and 98s on your academic tests, your average will be in the high 94s low 95s (which will be at the top of the class), assuming you did well in WOBC and your APFT. There is no excuse to not do well on your academic tests, they spoon feed it to you. If you study the handouts, you'll ace every test. You can get unlucky with certain graders on checkrides, but if you prove yourself to your IP, your put up score by them can outweigh the check pilot score, so push hard every day and it will pay off.
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