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  1. Mike, Thanks for all you have done for this community. This forum was a huge help to me during my application. Your guidance and advice was a huge part of that. Fast forward three years and I still try and contribute. I hope to have helped someone the way you have helped many of us. Enjoy your retirement and God bless. Doug
  2. The E model Apaches do instruments. Also, the chill atmosphere can mostly be unit dependent. Just some food for thought.
  3. I had forgotten about that. I got that in after WOCS in 2016. You may just have to ask for it.
  4. It depends on your class schedule once you're at B Co. If you're on hold, they're usually good about approving leave.
  5. You don't have to keep an actual tracker. Most people will be open about what they got. You'll talk as a class and, for three most part, everyone will have a general idea of where they stand. When you get your class ranking prior to selection the usually isn't any big surprises.
  6. This couldn't be more truthful. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm actually a 92Y now.
  7. It happened more often when it was 50-50% th67/Lakota My selection October last year had a couple E models.
  8. This. When you get to HHC tell them immediately. It's your brother's wedding. It shouldnt be too hard to bump your class dates.
  9. Flight school is a great equalizer. Everyone gets humbled at one point, regardless of previous experiences.
  10. Anyone who acts like this is a total douche canoe.
  11. The rock doesn't get painted until grad week.
  12. Sounds like 7 of the luckiest flight school students.
  13. Mike, I know several people who bought houses while going through flight school. While the idea is great, you should consider how much time you have (or won't have) to "fixer upper." Your time between flight line, academics and studying will be limited. I would just consider how motivated you are to spend your limited free time renovating a house. I suppose if you and your wife are working together, you'd be spending time together. It's not impossible but not exactly easy either.
  14. The 64 course had only 2 goggle flights. Everything else at night is under the system. I wonder what the thinking is there.
  15. Ryan, I'm glad you've had great luck with your career counselors. However, I would caution others in thinking it will be this easy. I came from the reserve dude before I went active. I'm here to tell you, not all career counselors have your best interest in mind. Even if they genuinely want to help you, they may be misinformed.
  16. It's no secret that SERE is not fun. However, it is a short course and you start flying very soon after completion (usually anyway). Just keep that in your mind while you're going through and you won't have any issues.
  17. Just wait for your basic date, my friend. You won't regret it.
  18. Also, why does this dang forum remove apostrophes?!
  19. Youve got a long way to go before your selection. The best thing you can do is study hard, score well, and try to get high on the OML so you actually have an option. And even then, you may not get what you want. Aircraft available at selection is entirely out of your control. Just do your best and roll with the punches. Youll love what ever you end up with because theyre all awesome. Good luck.
  20. I have seen one instance where someone made it in with a DUI. However, the DUI happened over ten years prior to his application and he was a minor when it happened. 2014 wasnt even 5 years ago. I know the Army is short aviators, but I would be very surprised to see them overlook that.
  21. If it is a 5 week course then its for E-5 and above with BLC or an equivalent qualification.
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