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  1. Oh yeah, I’ve been on post since October and it hasn’t been an issue. Nobody cares what type of dog you have.
  2. Indom, Im AZNG and Mikes response is pretty accurate as usual. Some years the RTI will run multiple WOCS though. Whether you go state or federal (Rucker) WOCS may depend on your age (do they need to rush you), your security clearance (interim is good for state, but fed requires secret), or other candidates (is the state trying to fast track a couple guys or are there more applicants than seats). Time between WOCS and IERW will vary depending on the need of the state and soldier. It can be as little as a couple weeks up to a year. Send me a message if you want to talk specifics. Zack
  3. I had to take a hearing test for my PDHA last month. Another guy did almost failed and the booth operator told him that keeping ear plugs in for as long as you can prior to the test helps. Maybe?
  4. Has anyone had any luck with mutts that may have one of the 'dangerous breeds' in their lineage? From the Corvias website: "...dogs belonging to dangerous breeds to include full or mixed breed Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, English Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Chows, Doberman Pinschers and wolf hybrids are prohibited from Fort Rucker family housing areas." We're leaning towards staying on post for IERW but will have to figure out what to do with this fat doofus. I have no idea what breeds he actually is, but if Corvias asks, I'm hoping that I can sell 'Lab-mix'. Thanks, Zack
  5. Turns out it was only height and weight. They looked at the palms of my hands and feet then I was good to go. Like all MEPS trips, Id expect to be there all day, but youll probably get outta there by noon.
  6. I am going to MEPS on Friday to enlist and was told that I will have to do a medical inspection beforehand because my original physical was more than 30 days ago (March 2018). Ive been told its only height, weight, and blood pressure, but I doubt MEPS would make anything that simple.
  7. Mike, are you already drilling with your unit? I thought you fell into that more than 3 years category.
  8. I just got off the phone with my recruiter and he told me that only navy and AF have to do basic. Prior service army and marines dont have to attend, regardless of length of separation. He said this came out some time in 2018 and hed try to find the reg that covers it. Everything Ive read says 3 years of separation means BCT is a requirement. Does anyone have any recent firsthand experience?
  9. I got picked up by a guard unit and have been given an informal timeline that didnt include BCT at all. Ive been separated from the army for 7 years. What service were you and how long have you been separated?
  10. I understand that some employers will be more willing than others, but dont all have to comply with USERRA?
  11. Lopez, you may want to glance over the Armys medical standards. I dont have the document title or number off hand, but it breaks down what the requirements are for enlisting, what is waiverable and what isnt. Its broken down by body part and condition. It will tell you if the condition is disqualifying if it is still current or if its disqualifying if you have a history of the condition. I believe the same standard covers flight physicals. If youre going to get doctors to write you notes, Id brush up on the standard and use the same exact verbiage in the notes. Good luck
  12. Selected! I got picked up by the guard this week. Apparently states dont follow the exact board dates or structure, but I figured this is the best place to post. Age: 30 GT: 121 Sift: 75 APFT: 300 LoRs: CW4(in the unit), CW4(AD), O4(AF) School: BS Electrical engineering (minors: mathematics & energy engineering) 3.4 GPA Military: prior service 5.5 years AD Army. (94F - E4) WLC, Airborne, combatives 1&2. Flight: None Physical: Rucker Stamped Ive been trying to submit a packet for over two years now, but MEPS refused to see me because of the intimidating stack of paper that was my medical history. Ultimately, I saw 5 or 6 separate civilian doctors, got 5 sets of imaging and notes from these doctors saying body part X is healthy, and submitted my MEPS request for physical at least 6 times between multiple MEPS. Finally got picked up!
  13. My wife is looking at the idea of just going PRN with the company that she is currently with and coming back home once a month to pick up a few shifts. She may also go PRN in Alabama once we get settled. Itll keep her license current in our home state and keep her job secure for when we move back from Rucker. I know that service members have their civilian jobs protected under USERRA, but I cant find anything that would legally protect my wifes job while we are at Rucker.
  14. (Bump) My wife is an RN and Im waiting to hear how my state board went.
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