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  1. If you call, I am sure AĆ©rospatiale... err.. .Eurocopter... ummm Airbus will provide you with the cost of the factory school.
  2. I was just editing some of my older helo pics, and thought maybe a photo thread could be fun. Any interest? I can start.... https://www.flickr.com/photos/37032073@N06/48727083343/in/dateposted/
  3. Your grasp of irony is as solid as Alanis Morissette's.
  4. I guess I am always the optimist... heheh... So, what is this about... a fruit? (re: cherries)?
  5. If you are actually in the helicopter industry, you come across as someone who does not take advice or criticism kindly from those that have more experience and understanding of aviation than you.
  6. How do you delete something... oops 2!
  7. You just said... er... typed something. Very insightful, too.
  8. Good stuff. Night autos on NVG's in the big Bell's were an eye opener! If you took your eyes off your intended spot, even for an instant, it was gone, and so were your chances of making it with an even marginally proficient auto.
  9. I call BS on the above post. Bell came and did autos in our Huey's with us. They pointed to some old YouTube videos about auto-rotations that had lots of useful and informative facts and tips. Just because it is on the internet, and YouTube does not make it false, not helpful, or whatever you call them.
  10. Very good explanations. Thank you for sharing. I have two stories in the same line... I was an instructor in the TH-57C (old 206). We were heavy and I let the student pull into the fuel pits and wait in line for our turn. I saw the situation developing, but was not worried too much about it, as I could take the controls if needed. The student made a right pedal turn, and the nose was now 90 degrees to the wind-line. The ship started to rotate, but I told the student to hold the skids level, and let out some collective, and put some forward cyclic in (I was now on the controls as we
  11. Good thing you will not be shining balls... that seems like it would be counterproductive on a fire. Watch, learn from others, have fun, and be safe. Helicopters don't put out fires. Helicopters help the guys and gals on the ground put out, or at least contain, fires.
  12. I did the Bell Huey II initial. Great course and great people there.
  13. The Bell Huey II initial course was very well done and enjoyable.
  14. https://www.flickr.com/photos/37032073@N06/14859330167/in/album-72157646464955839/ I think this was called Bird Rock... SF Bay.
  15. Not that it's a big loss... but I can no longer log in to the original forum on ANY computer. Maybe the lack of negativity is good.
  16. When I initially left the military, I had around 1300 hrs as well. A phone call to the places you are interested at can help. I had a few chief pilots say they would give me a shot (ie check flight) to determine the quality of my hours. They said 1300 mil hours usually equates pretty well to the 1500 hr min. The only issue was that military "heavy iron" does not always equate to small helo finesse. Again, call, talk, and present your case. It couldn't help. I had well over 5400 hours when I applied for my current job. The only reason I got the position is that I had an in (which
  17. Well, there is a Super Huey and Huey II... and some form in-between. Was looking at the lifting capacity with fuel, etc. I am trying to compare it to either a +, ++, II, or the Frankenbird Hueys we fly.
  18. Does anyone have knowledge of the pros and cons of operating a Bell 214B compared to a Super Huey on fires? Thanks!
  19. I feel like a rock star when flying on some fires, especially the ones in or near the city. Lots of cool pics and videos though.
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