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  1. I think I will show that at work. Butters... btw... I actually like interacting with you on here. Sorry I can be grumpy at times. My wife says I am getting to be an old fuddy-duddy. Just thought I would let you know. Also, had a small fire I dropped on the other day. Fun to get out there and work!
  2. Do you sit around and look for ways to "stir the pot"? Just wondering, and doing some stirring myself...
  3. Have you seen the latest EMS almost crash video? https://www.krqe.com/news/new-mexico/video-helicopter-has-rough-landing-at-ski-apache/1489444477
  4. Holding up... very loose use of the term.. imho (fora and fauna?).
  5. Or is Butters so big here, the traffic has evaporated on the other site?
  6. Quick question~ Are we specifically talking about HEMS because people think it is the pinnacle of helo career success? Just wondering. There are other flying job options. Pay is important, but so is location, quality of life, and job satisfaction. Pay seems to be the driving factor in this discussion.
  7. You and Butters are cut from the same cloth. I will just keep helping folks that ask for my assistance and advice on things helicopter related. Grouchy? Nah... you and Butters have been just spending too much time together.
  8. Ok.... well, congrats. Prove us wrong about your attitude, and I will eat crow and retract my statements that you have a "bad attitude"... Until then, proof is in the above post tone.
  9. Sweet... him discouraging new folks from entering the industry is what I have a problem with. Nice try with the humor, though.... Enjoy
  10. You are a tool, plain and simple. Your lack of hours and crappy attitude will prevent you from ever getting what you would consider a "good" flying gig... But that's just mho.
  11. Life Flight is working for free? Get a life bud... you are a drop in the semen bucket in the industry. You think far too lofty of yourself imho.
  12. The complaint is that there are no jobs for low time pilots. The jobs that require hours and experience are the ones that need hours and experience to do the job safely. I just did a NVG single pilot hoist rescue in the back country mountains. This was tough, even for me, and I have been doing this for a long while.
  13. Do 500 hr pilots deserve these jobs, in your opinion?
  14. What are "repeats", in the context used above? Do you mean job openings becoming open again? As I said, there are a good amount of jobs out there for mid time pilots. High time, and you are golden. Before my current gig, I was looking at REACH and CALSTAR jobs... there used to be two to three max listed. Now there are job postings in the teens, repeatedly. And the lowered their hours from 3,000 to 2,000. Not preaching this company... just using it as an example to point to jobs being out there.
  15. Info from the source? Well, you are right. I didn't fly the line, but from close Navy buddies that do and are, it sounds dull. Pushing the throttles up on take off, and disconnecting the auto landing... yes they like that. But the transit part... jeez, they have foot rests on the side of the instrument panel. Sounds rather drab... and have been told, by those that fly it first hand, that it IS. I like flying fixed... I plan on buying a sea plane in a year or so... just flying at altitude, for hours at a time, does not sound like my cup of tea... But to each his own, I guess. By the wa
  16. Keep up your amusement. I was speaking of my 1st hand knowledge, from helo friends that now fly for the airlines. FYI I have a multi engine commercial rating (fixed wing), so I have some background of both fields. Don't be so quick to dismiss...
  17. I have no need to "prove" you are wrong. 22 years in the helo industry. I have friends that fly choppa's and friends the haul people and freight in airplanes. The airplane guys make good bucks (similar to what I make), and they get periods with no work, but the flying is boring, and they are away from home a lot (think 1 day each way out and back home, plus schedule). In my line, you are wrong, but I guess it depends on what you know and who you know about... and what you THINK you know. And nice retort, Butters. Sure is a zinger...
  18. You come off like someone who THINKS he knows what he is talking about, but doesn't.
  19. I invite you to experience the wobble of a Huey on start-up (more on shut down).
  20. Nowhere in my post, did I state, or even imply, your level of "awesomeness". I will just assume what I will assume...
  21. Butters, you always come off as knowing more than the other person. Your attitude would not make it in the civilian or military sector, me thinks. I guess no-hover take offs are too dangerous to perform?
  22. I just retired after flying in the military for 20 years. Now I fly fire, rescue, and law missions. I absolutely love it. I am excited (most) every time I get to go up and fly. Keep the passion, as there are hard times ahead, but the good prevails. Also, I never did it for the money, but with retirement, this job, etc etc, I do pretty good in the pay department.
  23. If you have the hours, there is a pilot need out there (read, shortage if you like). If you have Butter's hours, jobs are hard to come by.
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