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  1. Sounds fun: http://helicopterjobs.justhelicopters.com/Employment/cherry-drying-pilots-needed-listing-2320.aspx#.Wsuwg4jwa70
  2. For us Navy, Marine, Coast Guard (and some foreign national's), it's the good old TH-57 (B206)...
  3. This ship has the wider blades (212 I think). I will verify. It is a bit "quieter" than the other Huey.
  4. Some video of a MEDEVAC I flew yesterday. The guy was in BAD shape. My crew did I good job keeping him alive during the flight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPYlf-jekAE Not posting to brag... just sharing why I still enjoy flying as a job.
  5. The Mensa scholar has something to add?
  6. Got it. I am not bragging, just bring my perspective to light. Please be advised, where I work there is a civilian pilot along with two of us military types. While we all respect each other, we have our differences. As per the "different perspective" comment you made, not to open up a can of worms, but we all work to get where we are at in this profession. While I never had to pay for my helicopter time (read I did pay for my fixed wing, up through my multi engine commercial), I think my dues were paid sitting in the bottom of a floating prison, surrounded by people who wanted to harm us
  7. "If anyone gets scared off by any of my experiences or opinions, then they probably wouldn't make it in this cold, heartless, stuckup, and two-faced industry anyway"... Hence the negative energy. I love being a helicopter pilot, and I very much have enjoyed, at least for the last 21 years, the people that I fly with. I would recommend it to those that love flying as well. "Everyone knows Butters is the face of VR"... Well, I did not know. Maybe she needs a face-lift. I have been blessed to save people with a helicopter for a paid profession for the past two decades. Maybe we should t
  8. Please explain the punched in the face bit, although I do have a theory... My point is that Butter(s) puts out so much negative stuff here, and this is a place to freely exchange info, I thought I would give my perspective, in the hopes of not scaring off the new generation of people hoping to become helicopter pilots.
  9. Butter, I have to say, your negative attitude towards the industry is amazingly glaring. Maybe you had a bad experience while coming up in the industry. I don't know you from the next guy... I just get that sense from your constant negative and industry-berating posts. From my two cents, going to, speaking, and getting an award at HAI, it was pretty fun. I have had at least 3 friends interview and get offers from out of the blue at the show, and at least 2 others get offers to come interview. Maybe you don't meet company minimums... fair enough. But, if you and others do, there are LO
  10. Thing with being in California, is that some of the helo jobs pay very well.... Butters is just a negative Nelly.
  11. I am proud of my military career. In my civilian job now, I still fly, still rescue people (along with other mission sets), and I am home every evening with my family. The satisfaction is the same as when I served...the bs level is WAY less now..
  12. If you really are still having the mil to civ. debate (who is better, who skated through, etc...), then you have not had positive mil/civ interaction in your "career". Where I work, there are both types of pilots...and TFO's... both have their positive and negative aspects, but we all respect and like to work with each other. The debate here is kind of hollow, imho, and started / perpetrated by those that are NOT in the know.
  13. Cool story. Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixo.
  14. If you have ForeFlight, download the helicopter charts for the area. Approach can still guide you with flight following, but it makes things easier.
  15. When I taught IFR in the military, we stressed the importance of not using instrument terms on the comms with non IFR folks. Maybe the airplane did not know what a missed approach was.
  16. I am pushing the 240 limit... but the Huey can take it. The old 58's... a bit more difficult with a big TFO next to me.
  17. One more, if anyone is interested to watch. We are trying to get the word out for our organization, and possibly help with much needed funding: http://www.ksby.com/story/37334493/helicopter-pilots-braved-dangerous-conditions-electrical-short-to-rescue-mudslide-victims
  18. Our hoist is on the right, so on the right I shall sit...
  19. Water damage to the radios, wiring, and circuit breakers, among other things...
  20. There was a thread on here a while back asking about civilian rescue operations. Here are some links of a recent rescue operation that I was humbled to participate in. My crew (and the others in the area) did a fantastic job. I am not trying to brag, just bring to light the civilian side of rescue operations. Mud https://www.noozhawk.com/article/helicopter_pilot_harrowing_rescues_montecito_flooding_mudslides_20180120 http://santamariatimes.com/news/local/county-fire-air-support-pilot-gives-bird-s-eye-view/article_481eff9f-49fb-57b3-8eda-df93bdf5f0ba.html#tracking-source=home-top-s
  21. The reason is, they will have to pay for your retirement if you do 20, but you have only given them 8 years of service. Transferring into the Coast Guard was the same way.
  22. 20 years flying helos in the military. Just retired, and work for a California Fire/Sheriff unit... happy as a clam.
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