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  1. LOR's usually mean more coming from people that you have worked with and/or know. Tell them what you need, what you need it for, and what you would like the LOR to say (generally). Sometimes, writing it helps. My 2 cents from having asked for many and written a few in my time...
  2. Got it... all I'm saying, is that on a summer day in Texas, 4 200+ guys got in, did a 360 pedal turn, at approx 1000 agl, and did not even touch a transient limit. Thanks for the lesson, btw.
  3. HOGE's still a HOGE.... lots of big boys in that small helo. Very low vibes, as well.
  4. At Bell, on a 505 demo, we did a HOGE 360 degree turn, with 4 big guys in the helo. It did not even touch the transient torque. Nice machine, but no chin bubble!
  5. Lots of helos and fixed wings being used in the CA fires. Scary times.
  6. I enjoy sharing the good things I have experienced in my career... just seems like people will sh*t on anything if they get the chance, even when someone tries to be positive... ergo why the chatter is so low here and other places.
  7. His original question was concerning SAR options... I think you are using the term hijacked loosely.
  8. My crew and I just assisted a rescue of a downed para-glider with my Huey... guess there are SAR gigs out there.
  9. My job has hoisting minimums... close enough?
  10. Name calling. Nice. You are witty, said nobody.
  11. WRONG pal... I retired earlier this year, so I AM a civilian. SAR IS a mission set we do at our unit. Again, fact check before you show your ass on the internet.
  12. Sooooo many things wrong with the sentience. We have many mission sets where I work. SAR (otherwise know as life saving) comes first. Get your facts straight before you spout mis-information.
  13. You can go the academy route and become a pilot for the CG. Other than that, they take qualified pilots from other services in the Direct Commission Aviator (DCA) program. That is what I did when I left the Navy.
  14. Butters, I spent lots of money and time going to HAI, going to meet people I met at HAI, paying for airline tickets from Puerto Rico to CA and OR for interviews and meet-and-greets. In the end, I ended up getting the job I wanted (partly because of my experience, partly due to luck, and partly due to some of the connections I had made during my job search (which lasted almost 2 years since I first decided to leave the service)). So, yes, it is probably worth it... but I would suggest a hearty dose of humility and an attitude change from what I have seen from these posts before someone we
  15. You expect an employer to pick up your hotel and airline fee?
  16. You seemed to have a question about the video... or some audible bodily sigh.
  17. Butters, you have questions for the class about the video?
  18. I did Navy/Coast Guard, and now fly for a county SAR/Fire/Law unit. I have been tickled pink to get to fly for most of my adult (questionable) life. The Coast Guard is a good, but difficult, route. If you are dedicated, I recommend. Air Force seems good too.
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