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  1. I understand what you all mean about getting fed up. Having worked on this packet since early 2015, my patience levels have reached their max with this last recruiter. Had one disappear for months while in Guam, rest have strung me along. I've decided to drop the AD route and enlist as a 15 whatever with the California NG. Looking to make either their June aviation board or whichever board comes after that. Probably go 15P so I'll be the donkey processing your flight plans and logging your hours at Rucker. This website has been extremely helpful. Solid people on this forum. Especially
  2. @WOFT Roger that sir. Monday AM I'll get on it and see what I can do about getting a hold of his commander. I definitely have been going through this process for a while, too much waiting. @Desert Thanks sport.
  3. Kaiserslautern Recruiting Center Bldg. 2915, Pulaski Barracks Kaiserslautern, GE The way he was making it sound was that he was just calling whichever officers he knew to get the panel going - - apparently the process is pretty informal. According to him the difficult part is "finding officers to take a break from their normal schedule" to do this. My understanding is leniency in selection of panel personnel.
  4. Is there any possibility of locating officers who would be available for a Battalion Board before Christmas at Kaiserslautern Army Base or whichever base is near there? I have all my recruiters contact details if you or someone you know would be willing and available. We had one planned and unfortunately it didn't come together so we're attempting to get another one going. I don't exactly know how the process works but I think he can find any three random officers and put together a panel? Hate to push it before Christmas but I have to head back to the states sooner rather than later.
  5. Seven tutors later, this is what I'm taking to the bank. Any last bit of constructive criticism is welcome. Also, a couple submissions ago I submitted a photo of my great grandfather Leo Noonan in his plane. I mentioned another relative in this essay so I figured I'd post a photo of him here for fun. Chris "Red" Cagle. V5.doc
  6. Thanks for the advice! Tutor.com is pretty great.
  7. Working with a few tutors to edit this. Will bring out a proper version in a bit.
  8. I've posted on a few as well. Thought I'd be making the January board but looks like I've been moved up to March. Typical. Great stats for both, good luck on selection. You guys will nail it and be flying in no time.
  9. Roger that. Appreciate the feedback sir. Edit: I think it just clicked. Will have V4 out today (I'm 8 or 9 hours ahead so your morning/afternoon.
  10. Fitting it all on to one page handwritten was the easy part. Making it not suck is the challenge.
  11. Appreciate the info. Wrapped it up a bit differently on number three but took your idea and ran with it. Helped me out a lot.
  12. Yeah I sent it to my buddies and they said I sounded like a jacka**. I agree. I couldn't even watch five minutes of that movie by the way, just terrible. I sound nothing like that in real life. I had the wrong idea in regards to balancing notable accomplishments with why I want to be an Army Aviator that ended up making me sound like Kenny Powers or some kind of 80's montage describing my 11 purple hearts, 18 medals of honour and a Christy Yamaguchi Lifetime Achievement Award. As for the prioritisation bit, way too much fluff in that. I view aviation expertise as a lifetime progression,
  13. I read the past posts and I checked out your links a while back. I actually just got a hold of the AAOSWG so I'll reformat it closer to that. Also meant to tell you your 2nd link is the same as your 1st link, 3rd worked fine though. "2. Army Action Officers Staff Writing Guide; This guide will help you write concisely, it's a military reference, but you're writing a document for Army folks to read. http://www.thewriter...bility-checker/" I found this by googling the title: http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/plainlanguage/ActionOfficer_StaffWriting.pdf Thanks for the feedback sir.
  14. Round Two. Again, open to constructive criticism. Edit: Altered a couple things after I submitted this earlier. Also, thought it'd be cool to post the photo of my great grandfather in his plane in WWI (one I mentioned in the essay). No reason behind it, just kind of cool history. Thanks again.
  15. Better to find out it's not up to snuff rather than give the board garbage.
  16. I kind of felt that way as well after some of the feedback... I'm taking an entirely new angle and rewriting the whole thing with a more genuine tone. It did seem generic so I'm going to do something that represents me more. I can hear the politicians "humble roots" speech now.
  17. Appreciate it. I don't actually have some of that volunteering on my resume so maybe I should throw it in there. Does the basic LinkedIn format work?
  18. January board. Stats, match yourself up, help eachother through, smack talk, etc... Good luck.
  19. You've got this. How do you get shot down with stats like that?
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