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  1. Couple of quick questions for you guys. Im a civilian woft applicant and am currently trying to tie up all the loose ends of my packet. My first question has to do with the timeline of my security clearance interview. Do you need the clearance before packet submission or is that dealt with after selection? My recruiter doesnt seem to know. My second question has to do with my LORs. I currently have six and Ive heard from different people to just go with your 3 best letters from high ranking WOs. Id like to keep all six because I have a nice combination of people like my former professors who k
  2. How long did your interview last? Did they go after your weak spots on your packet? Ive heard a lot of mixed information on these boards.
  3. Not sure if this is thread worthy but I figured my experience could be of help to some others. Ill first start by saying I had no aviation experience other than being in a sim a few times. I knew from researching this forum that this test was gonna be tough. I had about 3-4 months to prepare and I studied about an hour or so a day. The two study guides I primarily focused on were the accepted inc book and one just called the sift study guide. I'll link them at the bottom. These two books were very helpful I learned them inside and out. On top of these books I also read through the FAA manual a
  4. First a little background on myself. I'm trying to apply to WOFT as a civilian. Ill be graduating from Auburn this spring and had planned on finishing my packet around March or May. I was going to start my packet but went to the eye doctor and was told I have 20/60 vision in my left eye with 20/50 in my right. From what Ive gathered this disqualifies me from WOFT. My recruiter was pushing hard for me to enlist then get the surgery but I feel confident that I can make it in as a civilian. The two surgeries I have read a lot about are the PRK and Lasik. My recruiter told me that the PRK is the o
  5. Hey guys Im about to get a packet started and plan on submitting it by the January deadline. I was wondering if you guys think ill be competitive enough to make it in. Ill be graduating from Auburn University this next spring, my current GPA is a 3.5 but I plan on it being a 3.6-3.7 at the end of this semester, my major is public administration. My PT score is around a 275-280 right now but I just started training again last week so I will have a 300 within a month or two. I play intramural basketball and played football in highschool. I hold leadership positions in my service organization and
  6. Im going to contact a recruiter within the next few days and get the ball rolling on getting a WOFT package together before the January deadline. I have alot of questions about the process and would appreciate some info. Id like to know first and foremost what my chances are of getting selected? Ill be graduating from Auburn next semester and currently have a 3.5 GPA. My PT score is right around a 275-280 right now but I just started training again and fully expect to at least get a 300. I lead weekly service projects around my campus and hold leadership positions in my service organization. I
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