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  1. Id have to say I agree with mike. If it were me I would try to at the very least change up the I statements. I I I I I I, kind of get turned off reading writing like that. As you write about accomplishments, you can definitely word them differently to not sound so list like and bland. As far as the PSG as SSG is concerned, in todays army with a lack of senior NCOs thats a common occurrence, I was a PSG from E5-E6. So if it were me I would word it something like, Due to a lack of senior NCOs in my BN I was selected over X amount of SSGs to serve as PSG, a position normally reserved for a SFC. As PSG I did dada da. Serving in this capacity has allowed me to further extend my influence throughout my company, and has been my most rewarding position yet. Like everyone here these are just opinions and though I was selected already Im no expert, so ultimately its your decision what advice you decide to take.
  2. Selected September 2017 Third Look 😌 Age:26 GT:115 SIFT:51 APFT:253 MIL: 7 years AD; SSG; 15R Apache mechanic, WLC, ALC, Air/Rail load, hazmat, UPL, Armorer Flight hours:0 Civilian Ed: GED; 40 college credits 3.86 GPA LORS: Company CO, BN CO, CW5 BDE CCWO I applied in 2016 but I received two no gos so I completely reworded my whole packet and got a different CW5 to recommend me, selected Sep 17. Start wocs this week. So I, like the guy a few posts up, feel if I can make it anyone can, dont take no for an answer, keep trying.
  3. My bud just graduated WOCS a few(3-4) weeks ago and is already in SERE. Ill ask him when hes done.
  4. Ha. Youre gonna have drill weekend yes but are you gonna fly back and forth when youre on the flight schedule? I foresee that not working in your favor. They can say they will reimburse you all they want but I dont believe anything a recruiter says.
  5. I was selected in September 17, received my orders November 12thish, for a February 16 WOCS date. So from selected to rucker took me 3 months or so
  6. Not the way I expected my Saturday to go but I got a text that my unit suffered a great loss. My heart goes out to their loved ones. Two families are about to get the worse news imaginable. Ill say a few extra prayers for them. Rest easy. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/20/military-chopper-crash-in-calif-leaves-2-dead.html
  7. What is your rank, if you dont mind me asking? You listed WLC, have you been to ALC, or SLC?
  8. Whatever day is your report day will be approx 10-14 days before you start wocs. Youll be in hhc inprocessing for those days. Youll have time to get the items on the packing list.
  9. You need to find another recruiter. He sounds like a turdball. You most definitely can qualify as a civilian with no aviation experience.
  10. Just have your wife put hers in too. Then youll both be stationed together
  11. I would looooove to get a selection like that! 64s for days!
  12. Don't have to resubmit it goes automatically to the next board if you change something it'll be an update
  13. I know of one guy that got bumped from our class due to him needing the 7 week course. But other than that our class has like 80 people in it idk what the average size is.
  14. Lol so since I've been following this forum for two years, I don't recall a single month that wasn't 100% selection for civilians. But congrats either way! Hope AD is 100% as well!
  15. Do I need to bring WOC ranks? I saw some videos where the candidates were wearing sewn on Name tape and us army but Velcro rank. Is that what they require for all the constant shinnanigans?
  16. 16th CAB Staff Duty: (253) 477-3538Ask for CW5 Hogg's office number. Also I think there is a 160th unit there with a few of them being on this forum possibly stearmann.
  17. https://www.captiongenerator.com/760422/HRC-Gets-the-FY18-Aviation-Bonus-Survey-Results
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