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  1. I hope the 72's get to select more C12's. I guess I'll find out in march
  2. Does having an iPad mini really help anyone out during flying or for pubs? And is one generation better than the other? I was thinking of buying a Generation 1 for really cheap.
  3. Will anyone be getting to ft Rucker on or around the 12th? That's when I fly in and would like to meet some people before I report. My report date is may 22nd and class starts June 1st for WOCS.
  4. Does anyone know about the townhouses in enterprise? Are they pretty good places to live or am I better off with an apartment? It's just my wife and I with a small dog.
  5. Yes but I can't figure out how to actually start it
  6. Does anyone know how to register for the DL course. I'm reading the instructions and it's a little confusing.
  7. Also received my class reservation dates. I'm active duty
  8. How long is your initial flight physical good for? And does it have to last you all the way until you reach IERW?
  9. No it's all through TA so i don't have to spend any of my own money. It just takes a lot longer. My counselor said that upon completion of flight school that will add 40 credit hours to what i already have so that's a big bonus.
  10. Oh ok I knew there was a shorter course but didn't know we had to do a blackboard assignment. Thank you for the heads up
  11. Has anyone that got selected in January that is going to the shorter WOCS gotten a school date yet?
  12. I'm currently on a path to have a BA In Aeronautical Science from embry riddle, would tracking maintenance work well with this degree?
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