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  1. OTS accessions for guard flight school are few and far between. I only know one or two people that have actually done it without prior service, and even with prior service, it seems to be a rare animal. Most states want to access from within, and I know my state has passed back slots because they didn't have anyone available, but they still don't have a "pool" of civilian applicants to pull from. It's kind of silly... That said, it's going to be even more difficult/I'd say nearly impossible to get a fixed wing slot in that manner. Those can also be rare, and often used as a reward, unfortunately. My state, again, is hurting for FW pilots, but more due to the lack of schools available, and the requirement for a follow-on qual course which is hard to get slots for.
  2. Literally any audiologist should be able to do it; it’s the same process as hearing aid custom molds. That’s where I’ve gone after leaving Rucker. It might be helpful to have a picture of what you’re looking for if they’ve not done CEPs specifically.
  3. I saw the wrong side of 40 when I was in flight school back in 07/08. Im curious how they would put you through training if youre already a military rated aviator, but fixed wing. I know a guy who transferred from the USMC, but he was a CH-53 pilot, so just went to the -60 qual, and he was good. Good luck.
  4. AVCCC: https://www2.acenet.edu/militaryguide/ShowAceCourses.cfm?ACEID=1322645 WOAC: https://www2.acenet.edu/militaryguide/ShowAceCourses.cfm?ACEID=1322615 Not sure how much this reaaaally helps. But maybe? You could also try getting in touch with the CCC cadre directly.
  5. It was a 3 month course when I did it 2 summers ago under FSI. It's now done under CAE. Look up the C-12 course on ATRRS (need CAC access and I don't have that at the moment) and it will tell you.
  6. You couldn't possibly find something worse to worry about. If anything, a trend of low 64 numbers will likely result in a scramble for more 64 pilots at some point. There's no apparent rhyme or reason to any of this. When I was in flight school, we literally had a class of all Apaches followed the next selection by a class of all Hawks (possibly vice versa). In the wrong class for what you wanted? Too bad. The fact that neither would actually class up to advance airframe for 3+ months, and a switch would be nothing more than a name change meant NOTHING.
  7. I don't think that's how that works. I mean...you can log anything you want. But when it comes down to it, if you roll into a job interview with 3000 hours in the osprey and they say "sorry, we don't count that as helicopter time" you're out of luck. It seems that the tilt-rotor is technically powered-lift, but what that really means is...nothing, yet. There's no civilian equivalent out there to get a job in, so you're left with rotary or fixed, and there's at least one person on this forum that was told flat out they didn't count his osprey time for the position.
  8. I got an NGB 22 after WOCS, and Rucker, being the AD location you're out processing from, gives you a DD214. It's more than 90 days, Which is pretty automatic I think. Does your next 214 reflect all that AD time?
  9. Shoot...when I went through we had one guy get set back for academics, and one get ..."removed". The academics...I'll be honest. No idea how that happened. It was the first test. Nothing even crazy. Pass PT and pay a moderate amount of attention in class. You'll be fine.
  10. Depends on where you're going and what you're doing I think. I walked out fully C-12 C/D/V qualified. But came from a C-26 unit. More training in my actual plane required. Going to an RC unit? May need training. I think one of the models like the -R has more requirements as well. Not sure, as the C-12 isn't where I live. If we were still doing ODIN you'd need a BE-30 transition. But don't think that's applicable anymore at all.
  11. I believe you said 20/70? If that's accurate, I don't believe it meets the requirements for uncorrected vision. (Note that post- PRK is uncorrected, glasses or contacts are correction) Also, yes... 3-4 letters total.
  12. I know one guy in my class was a Geo Bachelor; his kids were EFMP due to allergies, or some weirdness. So they stayed where they stayed, he got BAH for that locale, and lived in the Barracks by Lyster, but it sounded like that part was a bit of a hand from the mil. If you're getting Boston area BAH with dependents, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to pay for a small place/with roommates (ideal, anyway) at Rucker with that, as well as your mortgage. I did a dity move, and brought what fit in my Corolla. Not much as you might imagine. I bought some things while I was there (a boxed mattress, some wire shelves as clothes holders, what-have-you). I maintained my living space back in MA (Cape) plus the cost of rental at Rucker. When I first got there, I ended up paying $700/month for a furnished room, living with the owner/fellow student. Suffice to say, I was being heavily gouged... I stayed by myself when I was there as an instructor, across Rucker BLVD and paid about the same, or less (it's been awhile). Housing is pretty damn cheap down there. Get a roommate, share expenses, and have someone to study with. You don't need an elaborate setup in your bedroom; you're married and not trying to impress anyone, right? If you feel like bringing a game system or whatever, it doesn't take up much room and you can either buy a cheap or used TV and sell it again when you leave. There's no reason to uproot your entire existence and bring it down there with you, if your wife isn't coming down as well.
  13. Any chance of that Military sub-forum specific moderator?
  14. I walked out of my FSDO with commercial SEL and MEL. The biggest confusion was the guy not knowing that FSI has actual airplanes, and not just simulators.
  15. You know what they say: "It's dependent on METT-TC". ...I'll see myself out.
  16. Here's the thing: Your vision is fine right now. As a procedure, it's relatively safe, but... there's a chance something could go wrong. I got PRK 12 years ago because I was completely out. 20/400 and 20/200. There was no way it would happen without it, and I had nothing to lose. Now, I'm about at the point where I'll need corrective lenses again, and after considering it, I'm pretty sure I'll just go back to glasses/contacts when I'm flying (Military or civilian). I just can't justify the risk vs reward of potentially never flying again all because I didn't want to wear lenses. Aside from the fact that in the plane, I wear sunglasses anyway. Who cares if they happen to have a prescription in them?
  17. I got that for 3, and hopefully will get it again for 4. Should make 4 prior to 35.
  18. You're looking for the "Aeromedical Policy Letters". http://glwach.amedd.army.mil/victoryclinic/documents/Army_APLs_28may2014.pdf You may be able to find a more current document. Search for "Apnea" in that document. Here's what you'll find under "sleep disorders". Under "obstructive sleep apnea", you'll find the following (relevant) info: The next bit wouldn't apply until you had already passed a flight physical, and become a rated aviator, but it's not much better: Short version: Doesn't look good. This isn't to say don't try. Just be aware that the above is the written policy.
  19. While a nice thought, if you get an advanced aircraft (Hawk?) it's... not going to happen. For all intents and purposes, that chance is nil. I'd guess about as close as "I selected Hawks, but hoping I get an Apache follow-on".
  20. There are several posts in there with non-study material... I'll forgo linking directly to them. The Night Stalkers, also by Durant Low Level Hell Rattler one-Seven Pucker Factor 10 To the Limit Dustoff 7-3 (Haven't read yet, but I went to flight school with the author) The Price of Exit A Rumor of War US Navy Seawolves: The Elite HAL-3 Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam Non Helicopter Pilot: A Higher Call Once a Fighter Pilot Eye of the Viper Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds Flyboys The Right Stuff Moonshot Vipers in the Storm Out of Captivity: Surviving 1,967 Days in the Colombian Jungle Non-pilot related: 5 Years to Freedom (Col Rowe) Lone Survivor Sua Sponte Delta Force: A Memoir More leadership oriented: Leaders Eat Last (from previously mentioned thread) The Mission, the Men, and Me
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