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  1. Hey Jumper, when do you report? I'm JBLM too, but won't get there until Mid August. I can't get a dang sponsor to respond to my emails, have you had any luck?
  2. Interesting. I have a report date of 16OCT. Anyways, I'm going nuts trying to figure out what my BCT date is. I walked in to the recruiters office and we went around in a few circles. It went like this; "When is your last day in the Coast Guard?" "When do I report to Basic Combat Training?" I can't leave the Coast Guard until they have a BCT date for me! lol I think we are starting to get everything figured out. Just worried I wont get my new flight physical back in time to start training.
  3. No BCT date yet, however I have received my instructions for enlistment into the Army and have contacted a local recruiter to begin processing, and schedule my BCT date. Meeting with her on Wednesday.
  4. As of my latest email from HRC, I'm confirmed for WOCS class 18-502 convening on 16 OCT 2017. Anybody else here on the forum going to the same one?
  5. I have nowhere near as much flight time as you, and I can't truly speak for how it will affect your ability to learn how to fly helicopters the Army way as I haven't flown for the Army, yet... With that said, for your application, in my humble opinion it's all about how you word it; when I wrote of my aviation experience within my resume I framed it in the context of aviation safety, ability to learn to fly more than one airframe, and whatever else I could think of to frame any technical expertise that will cross over and be a benefit to the Army... For example, think of how many hours you've
  6. Received another email from HRC today; Anyone here on the list? Exciting that they might be moving everything up. I got some stuff I was hoping to do before then but sooner is better in this case, I think, so I'll make do.
  7. I can't speak for your situation unfortunately, but I'm sure someone on here will have good advice on what to do regarding your question. don't like jumping the gun, like I did today but I was uncertain about when to expect an email as there just is not a lot of guidance for the sister service guys about this. I get so dang worried that I'm overlooking something that I have to seek confirmation lol I have these nightmare visions of me missing some detail, showing up and they're like, "who are you?" haha My gut tells me that now that you know when to expect an email, wait until you get it
  8. When I called HRC, I was looking for a time frame, and she gave me that AND confirmed the part that I had already learned from this board: instructions to go to a recruiter and have them set up your BCT.
  9. Hi guys, For SISTER SERVICE APPLICANTS, I have an update for you: I just contacted Warrant Officer Accessions HRC about PSBCT (Prior Service Basic Combat Training) which is held in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. She will be sending out our instruction emails within a week, or the next depending on how long it takes her to draft everything up. After we get the email, we'll have two weeks to visit with an Army Recruiter who will set everything up based off instructions for them within the email we will be receiving. So, within the next two weeks us Sister Service applicants will have PSBCT instru
  10. Thanks, guys. I'm sure your emails will arrive in the near future!
  11. StockTrader, I really appreciate you clearing that all up for me. Thank you so much. Do you know how I will figure out when BCT is? Will I get another email? Or will the Army send me orders to this without any action on my part? Sister service here, and my command is relying on me for information regarding Army orders etc... I feel as though I need to call HRC to figure out the immediate path ahead (to BCT) now that I have my initial class dates for Rucker. Any insight or guidance regarding information about BCT would be appreciated if you could provide any. Otherwise I'll be seeking out
  12. Got 3 emails last night. Warrant Officer Candidate, class 008, phase one. Report Date: Feb 22nd 2018, End March 12th. Warrant Officer Candidate, class 008, phase two. Report Date: March 12th 2018, End April 11th. Assuming the above is WOCS...? Aviation WOBC (Common Core) (Part A), Class 014, Report date April 22nd, 2018, End May 11th. And this, I'm assuming is the start of initial flight training? Ground school? I'm not in the Army so the website the links in the email take me too, and all this is very foreign to me. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm looking at. Glad I have so
  13. So what they said above, yes. However, I have a slightly different take so take it for what its worth... I used every last inch of my page. I had a lot to say though. The advice given to me was along the same lines - keep it short and concise. When my mentor saw how much I had wrote he said this; the person reading may not have a lot of time to read, so he may very well just read the first, or last paragraph... Or both. So make sure if you do have more than two paragraphs, that the content really grabs the reader. They need to be well written and they need to sell you. I wouldn't be afraid o
  14. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4664989-apache-ed-macy "Apache" I read this book by Ed Macy, a British Apache pilot who flew extensively in Afghanistan in 2006. Great read and pretty contemporary. Seems like he had some pretty hairy moments out there.
  15. Thanks Logan, just responded to your " prior service records" post. Good luck with that man. Hope to see you on the other side.
  16. I think you're right. It looked like the S-97 was more of a test bed for future design improvements that will be made when the S-97 RAIDER gives way to the scaled up version of itself in the form of the DEFIANT.
  17. Hi Dlogan, Are you currently AD or have you already separated? If so, depending on how long you've been out I'd look at calling the personnel servicing office of your final unit to see if you can work directly with them. If you're still in you can build the packet yourself with little help from a recruiter.
  18. I pulled this quote from a board about the V-280 that took place on the forums back in 2015. This guy seemed to have some good insight. Enjoyable read, I thought.
  19. My thoughts on the S-97 RAIDER and the scaled up DEFIANT version are that it will be interesting to see how they perform on dusty landings without the ability to flare... My understanding is current helos do an almost auto-rotation like approach to landing in order to get down quick and beat the dust cloud. If this thing is using a prop to decelerate, it will blow dust up front that much quicker! Of course, I don't fly helicopters so I can't speak as a professional on the subject, but outside looking in that seems like something they will have to overcome.
  20. For the Army aviators in here... Does "Future Vertical Lift" mean anything to you? I ask because from what I can tell it's a program pipeline for the future of Army aviation. What they've come up with so far looks absolutely bad-ass. Just wondering if this is ever a point of discussion in your circles? And if so, what sorts of things are being discussed about the program. I know in my current branch, things like this are often met with much skepticism and many road bumps and imagine some of that thought process must be happening on your end in regards to this. Anyways, here are a few vid
  21. Hi Bencall, I'm curious what LORs you used in your packet as they're not listed? Did you obtain LORs from active duty aviators? What Wheelsup said is spot on, and good advice for anybody in your shoes. Good luck man! Hope to see you on the other side.
  22. Hi Firemedic, I was selected on the May board. I don't have a degree and I do have a PPL. I applied as a sister service applicant with a big chunk of military flight crew time so perhaps a little different. However, on the May board 22 civilians applied and 22 were selected. ALL of them had Bachelors except for one, who had an Associates. If you can do an 8 week course to finish your Associates, I would highly recommend that! ... And then start on your PPL man! That 8 week course can't be the difference between a lifetime of flying regardless of the Army or not right? My PPL was the
  23. Admittedly, as I progressed through the whole process as a sister service applicant I thought the entire time there would be a face to face interview with a "board" of people. I thought that I submitted my packet, once board ready I would receive an interview date, and then after the interview the results of that interview would be attached to my packet and sent for final review where it would be found Q-S, Q-NS, NS. Imagine my embarrassment when I emailed the Warrant Officer Recruiting team to inquire when I would receive my interview date. They seemed confused by my question but told me
  24. On the most recent board, the civilians all found out the week of the board and the active duty applicants found out on Wednesday after the board convened.
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