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  1. By the way, what exactly did you do to get that changed? That would be incredibly helpful, thank you.
  2. YES! Same thing is happening to me. For the longest time I was under the impression that I got a 93 on the test, but I saw that same sheet of paper MEPS and was wondering if I had actually gotten a 145. That is fantastic news for the next time I put in my WOFT packet. But also disappointing because I was told THAT was one of the main reasons my packet wasn't selected. So although people on VR usually say that the AFAST is more of like a PASS/FAIL, they actually do look at your scores. When Ft. Rucker is comparing your packet with hundreds of others, that IS something they will look at to see who is most competitive. I learned that the hard way.
  3. Closest I know of is "precision helicopters" in Cleveland at the Burke Lakefront airport. I flew there once while getting my PPL fixed wing, it's cool how it's right on the water pretty much. Mapquest says its 2 hours 20 minutes / 132 miles.
  4. There's the bell/agusta BA609, BA609 but I don't know if they have any painted army tan. This has been flying/testing since 03 so it's possible you could see this around
  5. Between your flying experience, 6 LOR's, and excellent APFT, I think you should definitely be more confident about yourself. Good luck!
  6. lol to be honest with you guys I had to google the cursive alphabet to refresh my memory..... it's been awhile since third grade haha. I didn't know about the frequency of civilian woft boards, that's good news. And Lindsey, great job on your AFAST.
  7. Yes, in cursive. I just asked my recruiter the same question a week ago.
  8. Hey Dutch! I agree 100% I tried to answer along the lines of confident, motivated etc, but I may have read into the questions too much. I think it's sketchy to assess someone's personality through 75 awkward questions on a test, but like you said, the important thing isn't the exact score but that I passed and eventually I will get the chance to show the board that I AM an aggressive, motivated, and confident leader. Give me one shot and I'll knock it out of the park. To Stan: Thanks for the info. I'm trying to go active. I like the idea of the PA Guard too, maybe I'll go Guard after my first six years of active Army, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. It's a little early to speculate now. But are you talking about the main Warrant recruiter for the Guard or Active? My recruiter now is doing a pretty good job, I like the guy. The next thing we're scheduling on my "to-do" list is the cycloplegic eye exam, I think that's in Carlisle. Then the flight physical in Fort Indiantown Gap.
  9. Geeze Lindsey! The board BETTER select you - thats some leadership if I've ever seen it! To all the newbies: this is the most thorough compilation of WOFT info you will ever come across. It's taken me at least a year to find all this information on my own. Lindsey: I went to my recruiter and we took a full length photo in a suit, think we should re-take that as a 3/4 length? or crop it or something?
  10. I'm glad you got in! Its these success stories that keep the rest of us applicants motivated. Best of luck, now go kick some ass throughout flight school!
  11. I went to MEPS today and took the AFAST, I got a 93. Reading around the forums, I've read that a good score would be at least 130-140. I'm pretty disappointed, I felt confident that I'd do a lot better than that. I have my private pilot license and I got a 141 GT on the ASVAB so I'm not a complete dummy. I studied the ARCO book pretty hard for several months and did well on the practice tests. I must have either misunderstood a section and completely bombed it, or they weren't very fond of my personality test results. I was sure of all my answers except maybe three (out of 200) so it's hard for me to say where I may have made such an enormous mistake. Regardless, I'm happy I passed. It's another hurdle cleared. But lesson learned to all other applicants out there: DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE TEST. STUDY HAAAARRRDDD!!!! Study anything and everything you can get your grimy little hands on
  12. Thank you, I'll need all the luck I can get. And yes actually, the station commander (I think that's what his position is called) at my recruiting office called around to some of his aviation buddies. And one of them got in contact with a CW3 in Iraq and eventually he's going to call me and interview me. I owe everyone involved an ENORMOUS thank you.
  13. This is all very good to know, thanks guys. Btw, MEPS went well with no hitches. AFAST on monday, I'm feeling pretty prepared/confident.
  14. I'm taking the MEPS physical on Thursday, I don't foresee any problems, I'll let yal know how it goes.
  15. I agree with gomer pylot regarding its practicality, BUT the video did sort of provide an interesting look at the airflow around a helicopter's main rotor around the 0:43 second mark
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