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  1. Talk about why you want to be an Aviator and also translate how your time as a RLO translates to being a Warrant. e.g. - Tactical and technical proficiency, mentoring (subordinates, peers, superiors), etc. Remember, youre trying to sell yourself to the board and give them a reason to pick me. Keep it to 2-3 paragraphs max. Youre not writing a dossier.
  2. Don't quote me but I don't think they'll let you sell your leave. At least that's what I was briefed at Riley when I reverted. Now, in my case, they took my leave, but didn't sell it. 55 days got lost in DFAS limbo for a good 6 months until I started jumping up and down, waving my hands like a mad man. So watch out for that.
  3. I was picked up for the MAY16 board and had orders for NOV16 (which I deferred due to a deployment). I believe I had the RFO around JUL/AUG time frame.
  4. Steve, I believe most didn't have an issue, but don't misinterpret it as just because we were CO's, that it's a guarantee. You still have to be able to have a strong packet and scrutinize things like your DA Photo, your own writing ability, managing that pesky ORB, etc. With that being said, are you aware that the January board is the only board that COs are allowed to submit packets for if they are looking to revert to WO? 7 DEC 16 ****Attention all (Non-Aviator) Commissioned ARMY Officer Applicants for 153A (Rotorwing Aviator)***** Effective immediately, the board procedures for (non-aviation branch) Army commission officers applying for 153A (Rotorwing Aviator) have changed. All Army commissioned officers (non-aviator) that desire to be boarded for 153A will be boarded in March 2017. Subsequent boards will be held once per FY in January. Also, I don't think I have my UQR paperwork you were asking for anymore (some issue with certificates - maybe your SC expertise can help). Let me know if you have further questions.
  5. 72 selection today: COs: 1x 60M (67J only) 1x C12 WOs: 3x 60M 9x 64E 4x C12
  6. Haha reverted back in July 2016. Graduated November 2017. Started ALSE last week.
  7. Correction: MAY be postponed due to the selecting class not all being final checkride complete. Was working off old info. Sorry peeps.
  8. Grace period is 90 days post-op and then you can initiate your flight physical, UNLESS that's changed from when I had PRK. I mean, most of us here probably did the bare minimum. I got one from my CO and BN CDRs, and one from the CW5 down at 1st CAB on Riley - CW5 Baker.
  9. With that being said, there is a reason their pilots are still leaving at a high rate, regardless of how high their bonuses are.
  10. Really glad that 5 years into my ADSO will be my 11th year... haha.
  11. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is in specific reference to those who try to branch transfer. I had roughly 54 months of AFCS before I reverted and a buddy of mine in my Primary class who was also a revert had more time than me. I've also run into post command guys who reverted - so short answer, no, you shouldn't need an ETP waiver. Hope this helps.
  12. Like chain pizza (Papa J, Dominoes, etc.) or like, local ma/pa type pizza?
  13. One of you 64E chumps jump in because I'm only limited here: So the 64E in addition to the better engine also has a bigger transmission, slightly larger rotor blades (~1 ft. longer than the 64D), and composite rotor blades. This makes up for the lack of power in the 64D since it's a pretty fat bird when fully loaded.
  14. I hear once you make it through WOCS, you have to set yourself apart from the pack when you report to Bravo Company. Take charge of PT and make sure you yell at your peers and tell them to shut up. It'll let them know who the Big Cheese is. If someone is talking in the formation, put a stop to it. You'll do super well my man.
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