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  1. Working off 2 year old info but I believe it's still accurate. Correct there is no solo, you always fly with an IP and have a stick buddy. During all flights you or your stick buddy will be sitting in the back seat and you'll swap out halfway through the flight. This carries over to IEFW as well. All IPs are contractor through both IERW and IEFW and I don't believe that has changed.
  2. When I came to Rucker in August of 2016, I drove with my wife. Throughout BCT we were given mixed messages on what was and wasnt allowed. Of 11 of us at BCT who care here, I think 5 or 6 left Benning immediately following graduation and came to fort rucker to report the following day. A family member had to sign us out at the company following graduation and then we were allowed to leave. It took A LOT of time and effort to get the company command to realize it was allowed and has happened before. Things may have changed since then but thats how we were able to do it. Best thing I recommend is telling your BCT company leadership to contact the XO at HHC WOCS for clarification. He can set them straight on whats allowed here and isnt.
  3. Today's Selection - For a UH-72 Class CO: 2 ---- UH60M 3 ---- 67J (UH60) 1 ---- AH64E 1 ---- C12 Order was : C12, 64, then all the 60s WO: 9 ---- UH60M 5 ---- AH64E 3 ---- C12 Order was: C12, UH60, UH60, C12, C12, UH60, AH64, the next 6 were UH60, followed by the last 4 AH64s (the WO selection order may be incorrect, just the best of how I remember it)
  4. Yes, barring any major changes since I finished last October, all of that will be in the WOCSOP. It will pretty much be your bible for your time in WOCS.
  5. Congrats on getting selected. I'm sure you'll have fun in BCT during the winter, hopefully you're going to Benning where it'll be at least a little bit warmer. I was street to seat as well so I should be able to give some insight to your questions... 1. You should have ample time between BCT and WOCS to get anything done regarding stenciling and/or uniforms. 2. Pullups is a part of WOCS but not a big part. If you aren't strong at them, you'll get better but it's not something to be concerned about. Train for them sure, but don't make it a priority in my opinion. Be comfortable running for sure. Some of the TAC officers love to run... 3. The fitting in part will probably be the most difficult part since you will be attending WOCS with prior enlisted, including some tech warrant candidates who may have been E-7 or higher prior to attending WOCS. Some of the prior NCOs are great and take on more of a mentor ship role for the street to seat candidates. These will be the people who you will learn the most from and will be a good example for you to look at in regards to how you should conduct yourself as a leader. There will also be a large number of prior service candidates who may feel like you don't deserve to be there after they've put in all the hard work and deployments prior to becoming a warrant officer. There were several of these in my class and you just learn to deal with them. Always maintain a professional attitude and don't try to get into a pissing match with anybody. At the end of the day when you arrive here and put on a snowbird patch, you will have the same rank as everybody else that you're in class with...when y'all graduate, you will all be WO1 although some will get paid more for more time in service. My advice, just maintain professionalism at all times and do your best to learn from those with more experience. If you have any other questions, just shoot me a direct message.
  6. Haven't heard anything about this. I know they need to increase the number of warrants they are putting out annually but they seem to be pretty hard set about the 7 week courses remaining, at least as of late last year. Plus, for the NCOs who fail their online exams prior to class, they get rolled into a 7 week class. I'm not sure how much it would help out getting more people through more quickly since as of last year they only had 4 7-week classes scheduled, with a couple getting added throughout the year
  7. I'm 6'2, like rbussma said, you're height shouldn't be an issue. Don't let any anxiety over what "could" happen in one short part of flight school deter you from submitting your packet. I'll tell you this much, the Army doesn't want to see you fail or get kicked from the program. You'll find more help in than you may expect in extraordinary situations.
  8. It was my understanding that all service transfers come through as civilian applicants and anybody coming from navy, Air Force, and coast guard will need to go through BCT prior to coming to WOCS. A good friend of mine came in that way along with a couple other buddies who came in as walking warrants for MI. They came from being E7 Air Force and still had to go through BCT. This was just before they set up the branch transfer specific BCT last year. Im sure some others with more first hand knowledge will have some input on this.
  9. I just got my molds done and sent off on Monday 4/23 at Audiology at Lyster. They only have a few appointments available twice a week. Do the molds here, send them to the company, and supposedly get them back within 7-10 business days. Just have to call audiology to set up an appointment. You can even get glitter added to the color! Good luck.
  10. Make sure that you get in contact with the XO (should be CW3 Cokenour) at HHC as soon as you report, or earlier if possible. They can get you set up with the initial issue paperwork which you'll take over to clothing and sales, allowing you to get everything you need in sizes that fit. It won't be quite as complete as what is issued at BCT, but it'll be pretty close. You'll get TA-50 needed for WOCS while you in-process with your class, which will then be turned back into CIF at the end of class. It is a pretty easy process once you have the paperwork in hand for the initial issue, I helped several people in the same situation get set up while I was at HHC. You shouldn't have any problems.
  11. I'm not though I think BM might be. ALL aviators coming for WOCS should arrive at a minimum 10 days early to in-process the post. In many instances candidates coming from BCT have gotten several weeks if not even a month early just by way of scheduling from MEPS.
  12. Street to seat candidates will always have at least 10 days between the time you arrive at Rucker to the time you start WOCS. This time is used to in-process Fort Rucker. You'll have more than ample time to get anything you need on the packing list. The best advice I can give you is to figure out a way to take your own vehicle. It IS authorized by WOCS to bring your car from BCT. I had my wife bring my truck to my BCT graduation and we left immediately following that to drive from Benning to Rucker. You'll probably have to fight for it at BCT but it is way more than worth it!!! Rucker is a small post but you can finish in-processing much faster being able to drive around and can leave post to get some stuff from office depot and Walmart for your packing list. Shoot me a message if you have any other questions about the process. I know it WAY too well and spent a LONG time at HHC waiting to start WOCS after BCT.
  13. Mine was the same as StockTrader. Did my security interview when I first went back to MEPS after getting selected. Then it only took 13 months for me to get my final clearance....I believe all you need for your packet to be submitted is your SF-86 completed so you are able to get your security interview at a later date.
  14. You won't do any firearms qualifications during WOCS at all and only a pistol qualification during WOBC.
  15. You'll do a pistol qualification, but that's it as far as range time goes.
  16. WOBC is the beginning of flight school technically. Just won't be near any helicopters for a couple months. WOBC is a 3 week class, followed by dunker/HOST, followed by SERE, and then actually finding out which air frame you'll fly during common core. WOBC is always first and then order can be changed somewhat.
  17. Your recruiter needs to have you fill out the SF 86 completely and you'll do an initial interview at MEPS when you get selected. My clearance took 13 months to get finalized. Hopefully yours will be more streamlined.
  18. I've got a good friend looking to make the move from Army Reserves to Active Duty with his WOFT packet. He's gotten a lot of mixed answers with some saying he needs to go through an Army WO recruiter, and others saying he'll need to work with a normal AD recruiter and get a conditional release from the reserve to include in his packet. Is there anybody on here that has completed this switch successfully who can help shed some light on the process? Thanks in advance.
  19. As long as you have one of those forms, then that is all you need. 90%+ candidates all bring their ERB. You will not need to try and find the 2-1, I've seen MAYBE 5 of those in the year at HHC
  20. You'll have several candidates going with you in that class that have been here at HHC for a long time and will be able to help get everybody squared away. Try not to let the nerves get too bad, class really isn't too bad. Mainly just staying awake during class is the most difficult part...thank God for caffeine rights when you get them
  21. Just color in the lines and follow the instructions exactly. What class are you going into?
  22. you'll stay here and just be part of B. Co. while you wait for your WOBC, and many times candidates get bumped to earlier classes
  23. the facebook is typically just WOCS 18-whatever class number. The milsuite page for 18-501 is up and rolling already and a facebook will be created shortly. A friend of mine is going to be in that class as well
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