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  1. Try being a firefighter... people recording you from the moment you turn out. Then turn up to an RTA and have to deal with weirdos trying to get photos of your casualties... All I can say is I'm glad I'll be flying soon!
  2. Is any flight time beneficial? I'm going to work on my packet whilst training to become a fixed wing commercial pilot. And I'm wondering if I should get a helicopter add-on once I've got my PPL-ASEL.
  3. I'm still around, just ain't got much to talk about since I'm not actually flying anything yet!
  4. Nice one! My first flight was not so long ago and it was AWESOME. I just need to get around to having a second/third/fourth flight.
  5. Ah nice one on your new job Butters, are you driving semi-trucks now? They call em artic (articulated) lorries in the UK. 🤪
  6. Ive been lucky to make some actual real world contacts over the last month- two major airline pilots and a National Guard helo pilot. All of them are very passionate about flying and keen to support wannabes like me. When it comes to my family I feel sorry for em because I havent shut up about flying over the past 20 years haha. I definitely wouldnt base such a massive decision solely off of internet advice but VR has been a great place to start! Yes, I love being a firefighter but theres so much other stuff Id love to do and flying is numero uno on the list. It always has been! Its stil
  7. This. Maybe it's because I'm still young and don't have a family but the idea of working in a safe, sterile environment sounds a bit meh. I like a bit of action, adventure and calculated risk. I'll get more interesting stories/experiences from flying an Army helicopter than I will flying an airliner... That's why I gotta go for it while I still have the chance! And like I said before I want to feel like I'm part of something bigger than myself where I get the chance to help people.
  8. Guys, I haven't even taken the ASVAB yet haha! All I can say is the last time I felt this motivated about something was when I went for the fire service. I got in, loved it (still do) and have zero regrets. And now that wasn't even my ultimate dream! I'm youngish, single, really want to fly but also want to be part of something bigger than myself. Straight up- WOFT is an excellent opportunity and I'm going for it! Worse thing that can I happen is I don't get in... I really hope I get in!
  9. Way ahead of ya- I actually got my ASVAB for Dummies and the FAA Helicopter Handbook before heading back to the UK. Unfortunately my SIFT prep book didn't arrive on time but there are plenty of SIFT topics on these forums so it's all good. I pretty much harassed every U.S. airline pilot I came into contact with (after my flights and at the airports) and they all said the same thing: "Now is a great time to become a pilot!" The fact that the regionals are offering better pay plus bonuses/incentives is decent proof I'd say. I just hope I don't miss out because I've got another year of saving
  10. Im pretty sure every job that exists has sucky aspects... Firefighting is an amazing career but there are definitely things about it that are meh. That being said, Id be over the moon if I made it into WOFT. Id have tried years ago had I known it was a thing! Now my major concern is the ASVAB/SIFT. Ive been out of school and away from standardized testing for a long time. My arithmetic reasoning capabilities are weak so Im now looking for a math/science tutor. I already hit the gym five times a week and have some excellent people in mind for LORs. I definitely dont want to be barred just be
  11. 500- you're correct and that's because I wasn't sure on which path I wanted to take. The last few weeks I was able to narrow it down to two realistic options- U.S. Army WOFT or the fixed wing civilian route (in the states). I realize those are very different paths but both are very desirable to me. Either way I've got a lot of work to do!
  12. Sorry for the late reply Mike. I was on holiday with family in the states and have still been thinking about what I want to do next. You're definitely right about needing drive and tenacity to make dreams happen. What I lacked was belief in myself but now I feel like I have the right support in my new step-dad and his family. Im not sure on my chances but I will dedicate this year to making myself into a top notch WOFT candidate. As my ultimate dream was always to be a military aviator. Flying to serve sounds awesome!!!
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