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  1. Thank you all very much for the responses. I've decided to begin building my WOFT packet and schedule the SIFT soon. If I were younger, SF would be a stronger option but I think I only have a few years left in the tank for a truly rigorous lifestyle. Hopefully, I earn the opportunity to meet some of you on the other side.
  2. How does 160th work? Do they only fly certain platforms? Can any pilot try out? Thanks for bringing this up.
  3. It really is the least of my worries. Obviously, I've earned nothing to this point and it has more to do with my reluctance to leave combat behind if that's how the chips play out. I've begun studying for the SIFT and reaching out for LOR. I will treat the entire process as a professional, regardless of outcome.
  4. I hope my statement didn't come off as disrespectful. By no means do I think it's an inferior platform or responsibility, I just have trouble with the thought of leaving the combat portion of my job behind. I know this is something I need to deal with internally, although. Furthermore, I'm always apprehensive regarding control of my destiny (why I enlisted instead of went OCS in the first place). Otherwise, thank you for your thoughtful response!
  5. Hello everyone! I have been in the Army for 8 years this month as an infantryman. I've deployed to Iraq as a Team Leader, Afghanistan as a Sniper TL and SL, and spent three years recruiting (DA Select). I just PCS'd from recruiting to a regular infantry unit and I'm not sure I feel challenged the way I used to. The grind is beginning to wear on me and without a deployment to look forward to I'm not sure I can bear the garrison life. I'm hesitant to leave the Army. I feel like recruiting was a taste of the civilian world and I did not like it (although I did very well as a recruiter). So I decided to take the blue pill and reinsert myself into the matrix! I'm having a bit of an existential crisis about what to do next; the way I see it I have three options I can try for: 1. Stay in the regular infantry. 2. Try out for Special Forces. 3. Apply to be a warrant officer. I'm genuinely torn on what to do but I'm running out of time. I turn 32 this summer (cutoff for flight WO packets is 33). I know my body is somewhat of a ticking time bomb (minor knee surgery last January). Can anyone give me insight into the helicopter community in the Army? I'm partly worried the camaraderie doesn't exist like it does in the infantry and it will be a detached experience. Furthermore, I would love to be a Apache pilot (I'm sure everyone does) and I'm apprehensive about being selected to fly Chinooks. I understand that ultimately it's not my decision, but some insight would be appreciated. Otherwise, I believe I meet all the qualifications to at least submit a packet: GT: 128 Bachelors and Master's Degree 300 on PT Tests all NCOERs read very well Good physical condition Lasik Eye surgery when I was 25 Thanks!
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