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  1. Chad, stay safe over there! My advice would be to try get your rotary wings in the military if you can. I know what you'll have to go through but at least you'll be getting paid to learn how to fly instead of the other way around. Rotary flight school is expensive on the civilian side and there aren't that many legit rotary flight schools around anymore after the audit. Look pacific northwest for some schools that are still open. If you're set on getting out and using the GI Bill like I was then here's how it worked out for me... I am currently half way into getting my private license in fixed wing since it's cheaper than rotary ($8000 compared to $25000). The GI Bill will not cover that anymore. Some places offer reimbursement but its hard to find since the VA doesn't like to send checks out to these schools anymore. After I get my private license, I'll be using my GI Bill at an accredited flight school (Middle Tennessee State University) to get the rest of my ratings. This is like going to Embry Riddle. Since your flight training is part of a 4 year degree, the GI Bill can be used. However, Congress has capped the amount that can be used for actual flight time. It's just enough for the ratings you should be getting. Now you could go to a school like Embry or MTSU right out the gate and not pay anything out of pocket. I live in Memphis and have gotten to know a few FedEx pilots who encouraged me to get my private license ahead of time to 1. Get ahead and 2. Avoid the stress of getting washed out first semester. Plus I had some extra time to spare before starting school. Hope this helps, feel free to message me for any other questions you might have. I'm by no means the authority on this, but I'll be happy to share all the road blocks I've faced so far and my plans for getting my wings. Stay Safe, Alexander
  2. Just took the SIFT yesterday, this forum helped me out while I was preparing so I thought I would add some info to the pile and pay it forward: I bought the SIFT study guide by Accepted INC. And while it has a ton of typos, it's gives a great description of each part of the test. For some, this test is one that maybe you don't need to study for, but I believe you definitely need to practice so you know what to expect. It's important to read through the helicopter flying handbook as well. I also used Quizlet, Kaplan, and watched some videos on youtube to help understand certain concepts. Simple Drawings: Pretty straight forward, the computer was actually a little slow so I got a couple of extra seconds between each question. Just need to do the practice tests for this section and you'll be fine. Hidden Figures: This part actually kicked my ass. I crushed all the practice tests I had and thought this section was gonna be easy....then I ran out of time with questions left unanswered. Try to find as many versions to practice as possible. Army Aviation: Easy. Do your part and study the Helicopter Handbook, military helicopters, night ops, and lingo. Spacial Apperception: Process of elimination will do you wonders on this part. Don't let yourself get cocky and answer quickly because it "looks" right. It's easy to make a stupid mistake on this part, take your time and eliminate the wrong answers every time. Reading:Reading is just a matter of you not zoning out or falling asleep as you read a very boring passage. It's straight forward and not too tricky, just take advantage of your break and make sure you're awake for this part. Math: I haven't done math in a decade...and even then I didn't really do much of it in college sooo I was worried about this part. Kaplan has a great online service to knock all the rust off. I had to make a lot of educated guesses on this part. This section is adaptive, so focus on giving every question your best effort. Mechanical : This was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. The study guide and Quizlet did a great job of preparing me for this part. If you're mechanically weak, do your part and study up, it's not something that common knowledge will get you by since it's an adaptive section of the test. Hope this helps, I was able to score a 69 with a little less than a month of "studying" and mainly just doing practice tests. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks for the information OR-Flyer! Unfortunately, I already moved to Baton Rouge with the expectations of being in school with Guidance. They notified me last minute of their suspension, so I'm kind of stuck here. I'll hopefully be flying in July with Bristow, they have sold their facility to a college in New Iberia and from what I've been told, will accept the GI Bill. If not, I'll be giving you a call. Thanks again for the info
  4. Is their program in New Iberia, LA struggling the same way? That's the one I'm looking at right now. Honestly, they are the only ones that have been up front with me so far. While there are some schools saying that I can get in right now and start flying, Bristow has told me to wait it out for a couple of months to see what the VA has in store. I've thought about doing a fixed wing private license and then switching over to rotary but like you said, that's time that I lose in an R22.
  5. Thanks for all the great info. I've got in touch with a few other flight schools that are telling me that they still have openings for the spring semester. These flight schools are all partnered with a college so by enrolling in the flight school, you are also enrolling in a degree program related to aviation in some way. This is the same kind of set up I would have been starting in January with Guidance and BRCC but they didn't follow the rules so now that route is closed. I think I'm gonna take my time and wait a couple of months to see what happens with these schools and the VA. It seems like the process is still on-going. Most of them are telling me that since nothing is on paper yet, to get in a school now and then I'd be grandfathered in. Not sure if I should trust that, I don't want to me s.o.l right at the beginning. Bristow Academy seems to think they have a good set up with the VA coming in a couple of months so I might just wait for that. Otherwise, I'll be traveling to another state to get this done. Thanks again for y'alls input on this
  6. Haha that's $25k for an R22, I believe they charge more for the R44. I've got money in savings and a job that I'll be starting once I move to Baton Rouge, but I expected to be starting flight school in Jan instead of working this job full time. Should be an interesting next couple of months. Hopefully the VA works out a deal with Bristow Academy and I can be flying soon. Thanks for the reply
  7. When I found out that the VA cut funding for a private license, I almost took out a loan and pulled from my savings to pay for it the next day. Luckily I held off a bit and called around the area at some other flight schools. Even got a hold of one of the students at Guidance. It looks like that location is dealing with repercussions individually and some other flight schools near by may benefit from their bad judgement. I've got a few options, working with Bristow Academy right now since they're the closest to me. Thanks for the reply
  8. So this is really just a cry for help and advice. I just came off of active duty and planned to use my GI Bill for flight school training. I was accepted to BRCC and Guidance Aviation and set to start flight school in January. Yesterday I was informed that the VA will no longer be paying for Private Licenses at this school and that I was put on a Veterans waiting list for the Comerial, CFI, Instrument Rating, etc.. portion of school. Obviously, I would need to get my private license before I would be able to do the rest of the school and I would have to pay for that part of training out of pocket. That's roughly $25,000 and don't forget I won't be receiving any GI Bill benefits during the training since the money is coming from my pocket. I guess my question is how do y'all do it? How do you pay for the private license without drowning in debt afterwards. I've looked for scholarships, found only a few. I've looked at financial aid, and not even Pilot Finance Inc will give out $25k loan. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Gonna piggy-back on your topic here to provide you with something that literally just happened to me yesterday: Also a Veteran here..I was accepted to Guidance Aviation at BRCC and set to start flight school in January using the GI Bill. Just found out that the VA will no longer be covering private licenses. That's gonna have to be paid out of pocket, a cool $25k, and that I will not receive GI Bill benefits while getting my private license. How are y'all getting your private licenses without drowning in debt afterwards?
  10. I was set to start flight school in January through Guidance Aviation and BRCC. Just found out yesterday that I was put on a Veterans waiting list and that they will no longer cover the private license portion. That part will have to be paid out of pocket, roughly $25k. Check with your school every day, I went from being good to go to lost cause in a matter of minutes.
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