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  1. lol....that would be me....I can retire from the VA at any time now with 20yrs of Govt service including all my military time. Heck, I would even consider flying for a company showing people christmas lights or just taking them up to see the sights. My options are wide open....I just want to fly...dont care how I do it, dont care if I get paid or not, I just want to fly. Would be nice though to retire from the VA and go to flying and getting paid too....but, I realize that market is extremely hard to get into, so I dont have my hopes up on that
  2. That was just an average quote Tulsa County Helicopters quoted me at.. I believe they train in Robinson 44...this is what they quoted me. Now I do realize it will probably be a little higher if I need more than 45hrs. Average Pilot Dual Instruction 45 Hours $20,925 10 Hours Solo $4,650 Ground School/Books $1,350 Total* $26,925 And yes, I was in the Army Infantry for 15yrs before I got out. been at the VA for 8yrs now working in the Education Dept here in Muskogee. Got out in 2000 but used all my benefits when I was in the Army
  3. I do not know the best way to go about getting my license to fly a helicopter. I have been reading where people say get your private lic in a cessna then add on the heli, go straight to heli and forget the fixed wing. I would honestly like to do this as cheap as I can do it. I have always wanted to fly airplanes and/or helicopters and this would just be a hobby for me. Maybe join the Civil Air Patrol to help out, but mainly for me to just enjoy flying. In your opinion, would you go just Heli or fixed wing and add on a heli....if that can even be done. You guys are the experts, I am just looking for some kind of direction to persue. At a local airport I can get a private lic in a cessna for $5200......at Tulsa County Helicopters to get my Heli license would be around $25,000 Opinions?
  4. I havnt done any research on Jerry, but I hope he got some jail time over this! I hate that he stole so many peoples dreams just to line his own pocket. Makes me sick
  5. I was in the infantry for 15yrs before I was hurt and had to get out...I always wanted to put in my Warrant packet but I just never did..I think I loved the infantry too much. Anyways, my son has always wanted to fly since he first seen a Blackhawk fly over the house heading to Camp Gruber. My question is, what would be the smartest path for try and get him in the military and flying helicopters? I thought about it today and a local flight school can get him his fixed wing private license in a Cessna and they quoted me $5100 since I am really good friends with the guy over the airport. Would it be more beneficial for me to get my son in training so he already has his private license before he goes into the military? I am just trying to find the best way for him to get in the military where he can fly. I have quite a few buddies I served with as enlisted that went on to Warrant school who now fly UH60 so I don't know if going enlisted 1st then putting in a packet for WOFT or going straight from school to WOFT would be better...and if him already having his private lic would help. Sorry, I know it may be hard to understand..I just popped up out of a dead sleep and asked this question..lol I didn't want to forget to ask this
  6. As a former Infantry Drill Sergeant... this gave me a chuckle
  7. When I graduated high school in 1986 I went to the Army recruiter and when I opened the door I said out out.... I want to be an Airborne Infantry......guess, what, I got my wish! But, I always did want to submit my Warrant Officer packet....just never did. Got hurt bad in Alaska after 15yrs in the Infantry and had to get out. My 15yr old son wants to fly blackhaks, so when he is of age, I am sending him to get his private pilots lic......dont know if he is gonna go to school for 2yrs and go in as an officer, or serve his 1st yr as enlisted and have him submit his Warrant Officer packet...it will be totally up to him though, with the help from some of my buddies who i served with as enlisted that went Warrant, hopefully we can get him in to flying.
  8. This is what happens when your bored at work...the search tool can bring up some strange things
  9. Thank you Rich1, I truly appreciate that. My idea is just to fly pretty local..maybe within 20 miles or so, maybe a tad more. My wife would be with me maybe 1/4 of the time, if that. The main reason I am looking at the Rotorway is my 14.5yr old son has always been interested in helicopters. He plans on going into the military and fly Blackhawks so I would love to keep him zeroed in on flying. So, my thought process is building one in the shop with my son would be some awesome father/son bonding time, we could learn about the machine and also have something to fly whenever we wanted until he goes into the military. I also plan on sending him to get his private license when he gets of age. I am doing all I can do to keep him heading in the direction of flying. I hope doing it this way is not bad a bad direction to go....maybe once he gets off in the military I can purchase a certified Heli...but that is a few years away.
  10. Good morning guys! Have any of you flown a Rotorway A600 or Exec 162F? IF you have, is it a pretty good Heli to fly and maintain? Me and the wife were talking last night and she was asking how much I was going to spend on a Heli IF I can get my private license….I said 100 maybe 125k tops….so, I am pretty limited from what I can see on owning my own heli for recreational use. I have had my eyes on a Rotorway A600 Talon and the Rotorway Exec 162F, I have seen on Barnstormers a R44 Astro for $114,000, R22 Beta for $83,900, Rotorway Exec 152F for $28,000. My question is, would these be a good Heli to have and reasonable to maintain? Also, I have started a diet and also back to working out to lose some weight..I am currently 265lbs. Once I get to the point (after I get my lic) then I will start looking hard and heavy, and also get someone who actually knows what to look for and questions to ask….but in your honest opinion, are any of these good ships to have? Also, what is the average cost per hour I can expect for a Heli like this? Sorry, I really don’t know anything about owning a heli and have no clue what to ask. Anyways, thanks for your help!
  11. I didnt think of that! Great idea...thank you Sam...sending PM now
  12. Honestly not that I am aware of. Might have to get glasses...Im not sure what all they check when they do a medical exam for flight. I should probably look that up tomorrow
  13. Might as well just start watching what I eat and working out.....It would be good for me anyways. This is something I have always wanted....always put off....not anymore. Even though this will just be a hobby for me, its something I am dead set on (unless medical issues will not allow me) Seriously though, thanks for the input, I truly appreciate it!
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