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  1. How did you get into flying? Was it in the military? If you don't mind me asking.
  2. Thanks. Yea I've enjoyed reading through the topics. I like his forum, and I'm really glad I found it. I forgot how I found it though, haha. I think I googled for rotor wing forums?
  3. Thanks man, that's great to know.
  4. Me too. I'm not sure if your supposed to be a pilot to post here or not. So I just watch and daydream. I have a ton of questions I'd like to ask. Like what kind of salary can you expect on average. What types of jobs are there, how stable are the jobs, what's the lifestyle like, should I turn away now before investing in training? There's more but those are the main ones.
  5. It's cool that you mentioned float planes. I was just watching a video by Flight Chops on YouTube a couple days back and the video was him doing touch and goes in a float plane. That looks like a blast! I would love to try that out!
  6. How many days a week did you fly to earn your license in two months?
  7. That's awesome! Do you fly both commercially or recreational?
  8. I was just curious what makes people choose one or the other. I like them both, and I think they each have their own appeal. But I like hearing other people's opinions.
  9. Man, avaition really shocked me when I started learning about it as a career. A person spends $50-100k in order to secure a job that pays $18-30k a year.
  10. That's awesome man. Sunrise and sunset are beautiful.
  11. Wow there's an app that tells you that stuff?! We have traffic over our house all the time. We're not too far from the local municipal airport, and I think we must be in a pattern for Bush or Hobby. Because we get regional jets flying over here all the time. Sadly, I know it's usually the Saab 340, or American Eagles Embraier. Not 100% on the Embraier, but I think it is. Most of the helicopter traffic I notice is around town.
  12. I know exactly the quote you're referring too! I saved it. What an awesome quote!
  13. I catch myself looking up at the sky a lot when I'm outside walking. Always looking for an airplane or chopper. Whenever I see one, I always think to myself: I wonder where they're going. I wonder what the view is like. Are they recreational or commercial pilots? Or if it's a nice day: man I would love to be up and see the view! And then start day dreaming about flying. Just wondering if anyone else does that? Haha, sometimes I have to remind myself to look in front of me so I don't run into someone, or an object.
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