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  1. Yeah it only really matters that it is 6 weeks or 10 weeks when you are trying to line things up for afterwards.
  2. Also, BCT is mandatory. It been announced and directly listed on the WO USARC website.
  3. The only people that had a for sure answer about Prior Service Basic training was MEPS. So if you still think there is a Prior Service basic, I would check with your MEPS liasion, otherwise you may be in for a surprise shen you find out PSBCT has been canceled.
  4. Hello, I am headed to Basic Combat Training (10 weeks) in Ft Jackson South Carolina in July. Since Prior Service Basic Training (6 weeks) went away, has anyone else been through regular basic recently or during the years when Prior Service basic was not available? Just wondering how it went going through basic as a prior service/transfer sergeant? I have seen quite a few post about this but just wondering if there has been anyone that went through recently?
  5. I would hurry up and start your packet. Without any hiccups, you are looking at most likely least a year to process everything.
  6. My questions are will my time in service cancel me out even though its all reserves? ---- From what I remember the Army regulations stating is that "time is service" is only counted if it is "active duty" time and you cannot be over a certain amount of years. I forgot what regulation it is but you google Army regulations for entry into service as an aviator you may find it. Will may age stop my selection cause I turn 34 in December? ---in order to be selected in the Army Guard every state varies in its policies on age from what I have experienced. For example, one state may require you to start the process and be selected by 31, another state may require you to be boarded by age 33. I believe one of the regulations for Army guard states you must be boarded as a WOC by the age of 33, otherwise you will need an age waiver. It just depends on if you are trying to go guard, reserves or active duty. Also how cause I get everything completed and to the board without resigning from my DOD job since I am dual status? I would not think that you would need to resign to get everything completed. Your packet and the boards could take up to a year or more to complete, that is if there are no hiccups.
  7. The Army got rid of Prior Service Basic. Everyone (unless you are a prior Marine, special operations and some other fields) has to go back through the regular Army 10 week Basic.
  8. Hello, I have been reading lately that back pain (especially lower) and neck pain are usually issues (sometimes chronic) for military pilots. due to many factors (seats, vibrations, ergonomics, etc.). I know that in order to do just about anything physically demanding in life you run the risk of some sort of injury. Pilots certainly risk of potential permanent spinal (nerve/disc) injuries with every increasing hour they fly. After all the medical reports I have been reading, it seems as if flying for 10 years will leave me hunched over and needing back surgery. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on permanent spinal injuries after years of flying versus the reward of getting to fly in military aviation.
  9. Check out the latest Army Aeromedical policy letters. It has all of the standards for Lasik, pre and post op surgery standards, I believe it has the form required by your Lasik doctor as well. You can google the Army Aeromedical policy letters.
  10. For Army National Guard WOFT applicants... Is an individuals flight school start date determined after graduating WOCS or before attending WOCS? Also, how long did it take to get into flight school after graduating WOCS?
  11. Anyone have to request an age waiver for WOFT within the Army National Guard and how long did it take the National Guard Bureau to come back with an approved/disapproved decision.
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