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  1. Do you know if they interview past employers or just send letters/emails?
  2. No, my board interview is in March. My recruiter has done the electronic SF86 for me, but I've never met with an investigator yet. When do you usually meet the MEPS investigator and what does that entail?
  3. So now it doesn't rly sound like there's a difference between a secret and TS.
  4. Do they usually grant the clearances before you ship?
  5. Does anyone know whats involved with the secret clearance? Is it just a NACLC or do they call employers etc.?
  6. Can someone just PM or post when the class dates are?
  7. I've clicked the link and nothing will load, maybe the site is down.
  8. The page won't load, idk if a civilian can access it or not?
  9. How many WOCS classes are held each year, and when do they usually tend to be?
  10. What are some examples of medical issues that can get you dropped from flight school?
  11. Aren't there usually waivers for most medical issues?
  12. How can you be pushed out cause of SERE? And what was the medical reasons?
  13. Wonder if they are still expecting a large acceptance rate for this board?
  14. I'd do the MEPS physical first, then the SIFT. I'd hate to pass the SIFT and be DQ'd.
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