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  1. Like JPdotA said, there is no rank requirement. I just went through the process of applying last year and was picked up in January this year. I am currently undergoing the conversion process (which is a pain in the ass). As far as waivers go, you need to get a memo waiver signed by your branch chief at HRC conditionally releasing you should you get picked up by the board. Not sure about the GRADSO, but I still had a leftover ADSO and it was a non-issue in getting picked up and converting, since you will be continuing service on Active Duty. (I am sure if you are pursuing the Guard route, tha
  2. After perusing some of the changes to the USAREUR force structure, it seems as if Germany, and Europe in general, is shifting from a regular OCONUS assignment to a 6 month rotational type of assignment. With that said, does anyone know if the 12th CAB is still receiving brand new flight school grads? Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge (i.e. been in a selection where Germany was assigned in recent months, or are currently assigned to the 12th CAB?) Thanks for the insight
  3. Lindsey, you never cease to provide awesomeness to this forum. I'm in the same boat as dkeate, and you can only read the FAA Heli Flying Handbook so often... Thanks!
  4. I appreciate all the feedback. That does suck... Anybody have any recommendations for off-post single family homes for rent? As long as it's within 10-15 minutes for anything in flight school, family friendly and has at least a garage I am all ears if anyone has the scoop for the immediately surrounding area... On a sidenote, this website and these forums is probably the best online resource for anything flight school...
  5. Yeah, it's based on zip code, pay grade and dependent/non-dependents... So if I move in as a W-1, and then pick up CW2, I wonder if they will automatically pocket the difference (which is like 300-400)... I figured there might be someone in this thread that fits this profile...
  6. Here's to reviving this thread.... Question: Headed to Rucker in September as a RLO to warrant convert, and looking to live on-post. The neighborhood we are looking at is Bowden Terrace. From what I can gather, they essentially take your entire BAH while living there. However, considering I will be picking up CW-2 within 3-6 months after the conversion, which carries with it a bump up in BAH, do they still collect the entire amount? Anybody with insight into this?
  7. MuffinMan, not sure where you are from, but if you are not familiar with the deep southeast of this country, you will soon get to meet Mr. Prickly Heat.....He tends to come around that time of year...... Builds character Have fun though, and see ya at Rucker in the fall.
  8. I'm not pretending to know all the answers, but usually the only way to stay static for long periods of time is to be in a unit such as the 160th or 75th, or if you are an NCO in one of the major FORSCOM units that tend to groom their own, so to speak (Think 82nd, 101st or even 3ID).... Officers tend to be mobile based on professional career milestones, and after reading the WO 2025 which lays out the supposed future of the Warrant Officer corps, it looks as though Warrants will be assigned based on that model, meaning 2-4 years assignment at CABs (1-3 years at TDA units, with the shorter time
  9. Yeah, all that said, I still got picked up by the January board this year, so yes, the whole man concept applies. Also, in addition, another important piece of advice I got from my warrant officer mentor is to not forget that WO's are not only SME's and technical experts, but also leaders and officers in the military, so don't downplay the importance of displaying, or putting forth, proven leadership ability. Technical aptitude is great, and a certain amount is no doubt needed, but don't neglect the fact that Aviators, regardless of whether they are RLO or Warrant, need to be leaders as we
  10. Very good questions, however, not knowing if you will ever get a 100% chance of a correct answer, I think what you need to do is just go for it and apply with the necessary waivers. Even though I didn't have to submit a waiver before I was accepted, I have been around the Army long enough to know that every case has it's own unique flavor, and I don't think you will get the definitive answer you are looking for on this forum for those exact reasons. If this is truly your goal in life, just go for it. Go through the ass-pain of putting together a packet, and hopefully the board will be able to
  11. I have to echo some of the above sentiment in feeling inferior to some of these SIFT scores. I got a 52, and I'm over here like....
  12. Tried searching for an answer on this forum, but couldn't find it. I figured this would be the appropriate thread.... Moving to Rucker with a wife and 1 year old in tow in September. Anyone have any feedback on the family on-post housing (i.e. 2-3 bedroom homes)? Is it worth the amount of money/BAH they charge? Or are there any recommended family friendly places off-post, but within 10-15 minute drive time for IERW students? Any insight and/ or advice would be appreciated..... (Have lived at Benning, Stewart/Savannah, Bragg and APG, so frame of reference would be even better, if possible.)
  13. I second the Bragg SERE comment... From what I hear, it's only slightly different though, but after having gone through it a few years ago, I am not interested enough to find out if the Rucker course is different . As far as your timeline goes, you should have gotten instructions to fill out a 4187 to skip WOBC-A after taking a PT test on day 1. (At least that was what I was told/given) If you need a POC, PM me and I can hook you up. Other than that, looks about right....and long..... very long when you write it out like that.
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