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  1. I'm currently a private helicopter pilot and I heard about the fixed-wing add on rating. How does that work exactly? I've read somewhere that it's possible to go from a private fixed wing to a commercial helicopter add on. Maybe I'm mistaken, but is it possible for me to get a commercial fixed-wing add on?
  2. I know this guy who started flight training in a Huey and seems to be flying it a lot. Does anyone know how much it would cost per hour for flight training in a Huey?
  3. Everything seems so much more peaceful and relaxing at night.
  4. I'm planning on entering the agriculture field as an aerial applicator. I'm currently working on a degree in agriculture and I'm working on my commercial license. I'm also working with professors at my university to get an pesticide certification. I'm just worried it's difficult to get a job with just a commercial rating since it seems like most jobs require a CFI rating with 2000 hours.
  5. I've been getting mail from AOPA and the EAA asking for me to get a membership. Are these worth joining? Also, since I'm interested in aerial application would i have any benefit joining the National Agricultural Aviation Association?
  6. I see what you mean. For the ground portion I believe we covered everything in the practical test standards.
  7. My bad it was actually 30 min. It was for a private license. I guess I just answered every question really quickly since I'm pretty good at ground
  8. There's training programs for airliners like Delta but I've never heard of a flight training program for helicopters that once you finish training you get a job at a specific company. Are there any programs like that?
  9. So on IACRA it says my time spent on the ground portion of the check ride was 3.2. I assume that means hours. But my ground portion was actually 20 minutes long. Why does it say 3.6?
  10. I got mine right after I passed the medical. They printed it out for me on the spot.
  11. What are some things that are useful to bring? I often fly above some wilderness areas (not the marked wilderness areas on the terminal area charts of course) but it's still wilderness. I feel like I'm not bringing enough stuff to be prepared if something were to happen with the aircraft. So what are some things to bring? I just bring my sunglasses and a water bottle. I was told I should bring a knife just in case. Is that necessary? If so what kind of knife is best? I'm thinking of a switchblade that's easy to use but I don't know which kind. I saw Sporty's sells some but I don't know if they
  12. My focus as of right now is on plant pathology and plant science.
  13. I heard all agriculture pilots have to start out with work on the ground to learn how everything works first. I'm interested in the agriculture field and i'm wondering whether there's any flight schools that can help me train for that. I have a private license at the time and i'm working towards my commercial. I'm also an agricultural major in college. Will a degree in agriculture help?
  14. I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive watch that'll be good when flying. I have small wrists so I probably shouldn't wear a big watch. does anyone have any suggestions?
  15. I normally don't carry a flight bag. All I carry is my wallet in my pocket, my phone and a bottle of water under my seat. Of course my flights are usually no more than 2 hours long.
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