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  1. You incur a 6-year ADSO for completing WOBC and also for completing Initial flight training. They run concurrently, but the latter takes precedence, so your 6 (or 10) year ADSO begins the date you graduate Flight School. Reference AR 350-100, para. 2-6, e.
  2. All I’ll say is my stick buddy in the UH-60M course was an 18 year-old, so it’s possible. Though, he also had some prestigious recommendations and a decent amount of rotary time in a Schweizer. Unfortunately I can’t give you much advice past that. Good luck!
  3. Funny- I knew two guys in my dunker class that could not do it. They subsequently couldnt go to SERE, and got kicked out of flight school. Wonder how many guys/girls missed out on the chance to fly helicopters because they couldnt make it though? Cutting training to push the masses through with as little attrition rate as possible, it seems.
  4. With regards to promotions- take a gander on HRC and view the promotion numbers for all aviation Warrant officers. As the person above alluded to, Army Aviation is under strength- period. Do your job well and youll get promoted.
  5. To preface, I was a 60 maintainer and crew chief for 6.5 years prior to getting selected for Warrant. I was a SSG and held all positions relative to my job as a 15T. I graduated flight school last August and arrived at my unit in January to accommodate a child birth, receiving ALSE in the interim. I have 70ish flight hours since Ive arrived. I was #2 in my class of UH-72A primary trained aviator Warrant officers- I chose the UH-60M. The #1 guy chose the 60M as well. I could have selected the 64D or C-12 (all available airframes), but I chose the 60. Why? Because community matters. Aircraft d
  6. Just by your write-up, you sound like a commissioned officer. I insist you withdraw your application and/or rescind your acceptance- assuming you get selected, right? I have only met one person who went from Aviation Warrant to Commisioned, and that was to be a Physicians Assistant. It sounds like money and prestige are huge motivators for you. I can almost guarantee you: IF you go commissioned, and IF you are able to get into Aviation based off order or merit and grades competing against your peers, your life as a line company platoon leader with not be more prestigious than that of a Warra
  7. Privates get selected on boards all the time. I had a few buddies get selected as PFCs as well. You seem motivated, and your basic statistics sound pretty strong. I would make sure that your senior Warrant Officer Letter of Recommendation conveys that. I will say this- I think your inexperience (meaning no disrespect) is what the Army is starting to lean towards. The target audience for the Aviation Bonus Program was street to seat guys and low-time former enlisted- meaning theyre trying to retain low AFS aviators. I wouldnt go so far as to say its a guarantee just because your Commander
  8. Depends on the results of your eyes surgery. Recommend that you refer your recruiter to AR 40-501, para. 2-12, c., (2). It would be the flight surgeons job to interpret the results of your eye surgery. LASIK used to be non-waiverable; PRK was the only authorized refractive surgery. From what I understand, as long as it meets the requirements in the aforementioned regulation and paragraph, its waiverable. Its not a recruiters job to say yes or no, its a flight docs.
  9. Wouldnt count on it. I finished #2 in my class and got nothing on my list. Im from aviation- 9 years AFS with lots of networking in the community; the needs of the Army always come first. I tried to get my assignment changed because most everyone below me got an assignment of choice (SOMETHING on their list). I did not. I was given a greasy used car salesmen pitch and essentially told to suck it up. In hindsight, I wouldnt have tried so hard in flight school had I know this would happen. If you look on HRCs website (where you view your ORB), it lists how HRC dishes our assignments. Keep in m
  10. Most entitlements in the Army are based on with dependents, or without dependents. Obviously, the former offers the most benefit to the service member. The Army doesnt recognize fiancés as a dependent- youre either married or youre not. You need to consider the fiscal responsibility of moving yourself and your family after Basic Training. If you choose not to get legally married on paper before Basic Training, your household goods weight allotment will be based on whatever you alone are authorized to move. There are many variables- but you nailed most of them in your original post. My re
  11. Pretty sure the checklist says the whole packet has to be administratively reviewed by the Senior Warrant that writes your letter. Plus, a CW5 should want to make sure you're submitting a quality product before he writes you a letter. I would review the packet checklist and inquire with your recruiter if you have specific questions that aren't answered in the Q&A on the recruiting website.
  12. Mine didn't, I was a SSG- they do a pretty good job since they literally do it every few weeks.
  13. Dont get a new jacket. You can turn it into alterations at the beginning of WOCS and as long as there is a receipt on your hangar that suffices with the WOCSOP.
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