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  1. You should do some web research on schools near your location. You will find some good training school, which provides you proper education and practical training. According to me, the schools which are providing good job opportunities from the campus itself must be the helpful formula for your list.
  2. As we are not habituated with Skype in Leptop and webcam, I usually do in my tablet. One thing which I have never thought and after the interview when I got realize is eye contact. It is a lot more difficult than it may appear. Again, we'll be tempted to keep our eyes on the monitor, but focus instead on the webcam. When we do, interviewers will see us looking at them directly.
  3. Good Luck for your training. Keep us updated about your experience...
  4. I agree with avbug. You have to keep on trying. It may possible that you got employers which will ignore your past and focus on your bright and successful career which you have already. Good Luck for your future!!!!
  5. Sounds resourceful!!! Thanks for sharing.....
  6. By seeing this thread I thought here we have too low. http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/14949-r44-timebuilding-wcfii-best-price-in-usa/
  7. Well, The cost depends upon where you fly, what you fly, how often you fly, and your skills as a student. Currently I am pursuing an aviation degree for my FAA license in CA. In the USA, expect it to cost around $10,000, although the costs could be as low as $7,000 to $8,000. For a given flight lesson, expect about 1 hour in the air and 1 hour on the ground. An average cost for that is about $180 to $200 for dual instruction, and around $120 to $140 per hour solo.
  8. Yeah, that's completely true Spike which you said at last. To meet one's goals. One should have to remember, if that service provided by the academy is not meeting their expectations, they have to change the way of working or else may want to consider attending another flight school….
  9. I really not able to understand that why you haven't seen a doctor yet? Please go for it as soon as possible. To achieve your dream, you must have to......
  10. So sorry for the late. I am newbie here just doing some web search and found your post Congrats Dennis!! Keep on the good work. Happy new year to all.....
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