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  1. He's already in flight school...... Shinding......
  2. If I remember correctly, the last one posted the Thursday after, around 12 or 1.
  3. I don't think you have anything to worry about with medical, I had a waiver. Your stats look similar to where mine were, you have a higher SIFT score so I'm sure that will help. I think you will do well. I would say that your NCOER's will probably hold a good amount of weight.
  4. From what I have heard, there is no information released on what the boards look for. I would just say get the APFT up and you should be pretty competitive with AD applicants with all the educations and qualifications you have. Do you need any waiver? If not, I think you have a good package overall.
  5. I would imagine that being in the Army already would prevent a long wait. I'm coming from the Marines and I was selected in March and have a date for next month. I was originally scheduled for July but there was a cancellation in June and I was offered the spot, you shouldn't have too long.
  6. A lot of applicants are also college athletes so you're already there in that aspect lol
  7. Just a little bit of insight, look into the issues that Marines are having with air craft not being able to fly, based on that alone I would say that there will probably be some cutbacks on how much flight time you may get. I may be completely wrong, but I have been reading a lot about how there are no parts to repair and keep birds in the air. The competitiveness of the program is also there, so try to get into the process sooner than later. OCS is highly competitive in physical fitness standards, You should be running at LEAST a 285 BEFORE going. (20 pull ups, 100 cunches, 20:30 Three mile)
  8. Brian brings up a great point, it is no ones job to stop or prevent anyone from trying but the members of the board. I direct people to this site for the simple fact that if they are willing to take the time and learn about the program, they might just be an asset. And if you are getting this defensive over what people are writing on the internet...... Good luck dealing with some seasoned military members who have no cares to give about most peoples feelings.
  9. There has to be a connection with Shinding somewhere.......
  10. Looks like you have some pretty solid stats! Good luck!
  11. I agree with 153, if you don't at least try you will always have the "what if" lingering. Try, if you don't get it, you will at least know a definite answer. I had a waiver for an eye injury, I was told that 95% of eye waivers are denied besides Lasik, I still went for it. You really have nothing to lose in just trying.
  12. I was surprised that she remembered me when someone else cancelled. It's a good feeling to be almost at Rucker, I know it's still a long road to be a pilot though. Good luck and I hope you get it!
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