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  1. I was in the same boat. 8 years in the corps, corporals course, sergeants course, didn't matter. Still had to go through the 7 week course. Didn't mind it though, I was able to pick up extra information on how to Army and I got to meet several other branch transfers that way.
  2. Are you coming at this as a civilian? I came in with very similar stats and I got picked up. Looks real good man!
  3. The Army will handle it. You can have them do everything (pack, deliver, and unpack) but it'll be an Army provided service with no cost. You can do a PPM and move the items yourself but you have to work for it. This means you'll have to rent the truck, weigh it empty, pack everything, keep all receipts, weigh it upon arrival and then fill out the paperwork to reconcile everything. You can make some money off of this type of move, but if you're lazy (like moi) its a pain. Either way you'll fill out a travel voucher for travel costs. You'll also be entitled to a DLA (dislocation allowance) wh
  4. I was in the same boat, I had one prior service LoR and, 3 civilian managers, and an Army WO. From what I gathered once I got here, it wasn't a necessity. Also- I'm from Virginia Beach. If you need any contacts shoot me a pm and I can help you out.
  5. Hi all, new to this thread. Who is shindig and why is he the best soldier of all time?
  6. I'm bringing as much as I can from Appendix C of the Orientation Packet. From reading other topics it looks like we'll have plenty of time to be issued all the remaining gear, shop for other items and still handle our admin issues. I don't even have a CAC so this should be very interesting...
  7. Class 17-002 according to the ATRRS site. I'll be leaving on the 28th, likely arriving mid day same day. Thanks for the updates guys.
  8. For anyone arriving on the 28th and not going to BCT prior to arriving...is there a packing list for us? With so many days between arrival and the start of training in sure there will be a uniform issue and all that but what should we be arriving with? Also- anyone know the plan for that gap until training starts?
  9. I got my shipping information today and it looks like I'll be heading to Rucker on September 28th with a course start date of October 13. See you guys there!
  10. According to the ATRRS course list the class max occupancy load Is like 55 candidates. I'm in the same boat as you wth my conditional release. Send me a message if you need a direct contact with someone at HQMC or MARFORRES IRR. I'm going back to meps on Thursday because of the delays with the same issue.
  11. I'll likely end up with you. My recruiter says I may have to go to MEPS next week now. If I elapse the contract signing/ accession window I may be pushed even further back.
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