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  1. Not too sure. Haven't seen too many street to seat lately. Last class I know that had a bunch of them was class 18-13.
  2. Starting with 19-02, there will be no more 7 week classes.
  3. try here... http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/forum/32-general-military-helicopter-discussions/ or https://armyocs.com/
  4. Literally call around everywhere and ask. You never know. I didn't have one from a CW3(+) for my packet, and it went through.
  5. That's awesome. So final selections are made at the battalion level now?
  6. I just can't wait to start! Someone once told me, "the grass isn't always greener on the other side. It's green where you water it." Yeah I expect it to suck, yeah I expect to have some fun. But it's what I want to do and I will make the most of it. I never thought I'd ever have the chance to be an officer in the US Military. I sure as hell thought I would never have the chance to be an aviator either.
  7. Uhm I've never written a resignation letter before, nor have I ever resigned or quit a "real job." Anyone care to proof read it before I submit it some time this week? I know it's a few months ahead of my ship date, but it takes around 6 months, if not longer, to find a replacement. This place has been good to me for the last 8 years and has become a big part of my life. I actually applied what I learned here it into my WOFT packet and I think that was one of the better reasons why I was selected.
  8. I'm so excited about signing and swearing in tomorrow I can't even sleep lol. Leaving for MEPS in 3 hours!
  9. I was selected as a civilian! I'll be going down to MEPS Friday. Been two years since I started to process! I also have the list so PM me if you wanna know.
  10. But did you read this though? https://www.duffelblog.com/2017/09/level-1-combatives-certified-mechanic-confident-dominate-mayweather-fight/
  11. Also don't forget, you may need a sponsor to get on base.
  12. Make sure you fast for the full 12 hours for your blood work. First day is the typical physical exam with blood/urine work, ENT checks. The second day may or may not be scheduled the day after. That day consists of seeing the flight surgeon and getting your anthropometrics done. Speaking as a civilian applicant, I was not able to see the flight surgeon the day after my initial exam and had to set an appointment two months away.
  13. I haven't heard anything of the sort. According to my recruiter, it sounds like it's still happening.
  14. That's exactly how I see it. Flying for the Army has been my dream since my parents made it here during the Cambodian genocide.
  15. Hahaha same! Been working on my packet since Nov 2015. Coincidentally, I just got sworn in for a LEO job. I know my goal is WOFT, no questions asked... but I kinda feel bad for the hiring agency. However, I did tell them I was processing for WOFT. I don't think they took it seriously when I told them lol.
  16. I never knew such thing existed... I will definitely be looking into this. However, I do work for a fairly small municipal agency. I'm sure they'd hate me for it lol. But yeah as StockTrader said, it'd be good to have a fallback in case of injuries.
  17. So I'll be processing for this board. Missed the one in July by a few days. First time applying as a civilian, non-prior service. Age: 24 GT: 118 SIFT: 48 APFT: 243 College: 73 credits toward Liberal Studies, prior Law Enforcement Certs Prior Occupations: Police officer, Police Dispatcher/Jailer, Police Cadet, Salesperson LORs: 3 Army LTCs, 1 CA State Senator MEPS Pulhes: all 1's. Flight Medical: Stamped Military: None Flight: None BN Board: 75/75 I am currently working on getting an updated APFT score and finishing up some more classes to raise my GPA. Also any tips on losing weight? I'm trying to get down to 175lbs. I started this January at 200lb and am now at 180-185lb consistently. Those last few are hard to get lol. Thanks!
  18. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Oh well... I guess it's not too bad. It'll give me a chance to do better on my APFT and a transcript update.
  19. So I had my packet sent to HRC on the 20th, would I be part of this processing cycle for civilians? I haven't heard anything yet and my recruiter is on leave... haha. But congrats to all those selected!
  20. I kept it simple with black suit, white shirt, and dark tie.
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