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  1. The selections go 0-4 for the warrants . It depends on how it lines up with the C12 start dates. they only have one class a month that is usually 6 (sometimes 4). If your selection is right after a start date then you probably wont get any slots. If you are the next selection before the next class, usually the beginning of the month, or the selection after you is a 67 class you will probably get up to 4, and 2 to the LT's. I have seen that reversed where LT's got more but that was like once since I've been here. If you want one you need to be lucky and usually need to be in the top 3 at least
  2. If you are in the top 2 of your class about 2/3. If you are #5-#10....not likely at all, but it does happen. That is right now. Could be totally different by the time you get here. edit: and btw if you get your packet in without any major problems you will get picked up right now. They are taking everybody with a pulse right now. I would recommend it even if you don't think you will get FW off the bat. Can always try to get it later, and helos are fun as fk.
  3. If you like instruments and chill atmosphere 47s or c12. Air assaults - 60s. Infantryman with wings and a big gun - 64s I just selected and that was my general vibe going into it.
  4. I just got out of selection and Ill say that you start getting a lot better idea about the airframes as you progress in primary. Especially the last 4 weeks when you start learning the mission sets. Also youll get to fly with ips that have flown everything from hueys to f117s. So you get a sense of the mindset id the airframes. Have fun. And if you are really stressed about it just make bad grades. If you are at the bottom you dont have a choice.
  5. The most recent was a 72 selection a week or so ago. Lt: 11 60M 3 64E 4 47F WO: 3 60M 6 64E 5 47F I think there was a 67 selection before that one but i dont know the numbers.
  6. anybody got the results from the 72 selection yesterday?
  7. Im in Wakefield. they are good. side note, keep in mind that if your orders allow for your wife to move with you then they are going to pay you ft rucker bah. probably a good bit lower than Delaware
  8. Ship Date: Feb 21st to Ft. Benning for BCT. Five months feels so much longer than three.
  9. I'm swearing in on Wednesday and was curious about the contract from the civilian side. Under what circumstances is it possible to get "involuntarily reclassed" to an enlistment tour of duty? Is that something that can be negotiated? Say if I get hurt or something in basic and it is enough fail a flight physical but not enough to discharge me? Or if I get through WOCS but something goes wrong in flight school? do I reclass as a warrant? I plan on asking all of this when I go into sign but it would be nice to get some heads up.
  10. thanks Martillo. Gl on your results. No idea about total civilian applicants. Command didn't give my recruiter the results and I wasn't going to pump the colonel with questions over the phone.
  11. Officially SELECTED!! Just got off the phone with the Colonel. Feelsgoodman. Can't go to the meps until next wednesday. I think the January WOCS class filled up. The last couple guys of the July board got a Dec ship date to catch the next WOCS class in March. Just hope wednesday isn't too late to catch that one. I don't mind waiting for December. I got a kid coming next month.
  12. Oh I already called. took all day but he called back a couple hours ago and asked when a good time for the commander to call me would be. I'm going to take that as a FQ-S. you going to Ft. Jackson?
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