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  1. Hey guys, calling it an age limit is the wrong mentality. I was selected at age 34 with more than 12 yrs AFS. All it requires is another memo, it's not a limit. If you think its a limit then you cut yourself short. I always meet aspiring pilots who think they won't qualify because of some "limit", when all they want to see is a memo explaining your situation. I had 2 memos that read exactly the same word for word. Only difference was the subject line. It's too easy!
  2. The SENIOR Warrants need to be in Army Aviation and a CW2 is not a SENIOR Warrant (CW3-5).
  3. I think bullet one was valid, but 2 and 3 not so much. If anyone is told by a warrant to have the packet 99% complete then find another one. I help applicants all the time. Im only a CW2 but I know who to talk to. Keep looking! Have one ready to be signed! Also, number 3. Just get the packet done. The Army is desperate for pilots. You will get selected. Most of us are all getting out to take advantage of the civilian market. Everyone everywhere needs pilots.
  4. As far as aerobatics, you'll do a lot of maneuvers like the hammerhead, emeron, cuban 8, spins, etc.
  5. It has already been posted that the only Army solo is in the 67 for three traffic patterns. A good portion of flight students are already FW and/or RW rated.
  6. A solo is by yourself. You gave the definition of pilot in command. As a student pilot part 61 and 141, you are not allowed to have anyone else in the aircraft during any solos, whether in the pattern or flying a cross country. The Army doesn't allow their students to fly solo at any time.
  7. If you want to fly a real solo, rent an aircraft and fly to PCB. I did this to break up the monotony of flight school quite frequently. The FBO is great with nice courtesy vehicles to take to Pier Park.
  8. They still have that "solo" if that's what you want to call it.
  9. WO Selection for TH67 today 60M 3 64E 2 47F 1 64D 4
  10. No limit. Once you submit a packet you will get looked at by up to two boards, and if not selected, you must wait one year to resubmit. Good luck!
  11. It looks fine to me. If there's no record there's no record. Don't worry about it.
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